Sunday, January 29, 2012

Brides Around the World

Wedding, a life time plan between two, who complete each other. A girl wait for her lifetime for this moment and she's a bride, she is the luckiest girl in the whole world. She feels important, beautiful, decorated and filled by the feelings to be someone else for the life time.

Brides in every culture get attention on their big day, they dressed up differently from the whole ceremony attendees, have different makeups and jewelry. They have different gowns, frocks, lehngas, and different other dressed in different cultures. 

Some brides from the different cultures are shared here. Hope you'll like this post. 

Afghani Bride

African Bride

American Bride

American Bride

Arabian Bride

Arabian Bride

Austrian Bride

Bengali Bride

Chinese Bride

Egyptian Bride

English Bride

English Bride

Ethiopian Bride

Indian Bride

Indonesian Bride

Iraqi Bride

Japanese Bride

Kenya Bride

Libyan Bride

Mexican Bride

Moroccan Bride

Nepali Bride

Pakistani Bride

South African Bride

South Pacific Couple

Sri-Lankan Bride

Sri-Lankan Bride

Sweden Bride

Thai Bride

Thai Bride

Turkish Bride

Vietnam Bride

English Bride
Which culture you like the most? 
Share your views and ideas about this post and the brides in your culture.
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Every little girl wait for this time.

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