Sunday, December 18, 2011

DIY - Try at Home 2

Do you have a scissor, old papers, beads, old clothes, a needle, swing machine, old nail polishes, fabric colors, threads and any other unnecessary thing in your store from years? If yes then you can Do it, yes you can DIY (Do it yourself). and then you can show it off to your friends and family saying Look I made this. like the girl doing on P.S I made this (Google). Also check DIY Try at Home 1

can you do this?
Here are some exciting ideas of things you can craft on your own and excite your days by looking, wearing and using your creativeness. Enjoy the images and try at home. for more check DIY 1

Coffee Design - DIY

High Heels - DIY

Stone Earrings - DIY

Head Band - DIY

Fun Notebook - DIY

Glitter Nails - DIY

Fun Top - DIY

Bow Ring - DIY

Pendent - DIY

Mustaches Stamp - DIY

Glitter Ball - DIY

Hand band - DIY

Artificial Flowers - DIY

Back strips - DIY

Iphone case - DIY

Funnel Candle Stand - DIY

Fun Flower - DIY

Moustaches T-shirt - DIY

Bracelet - DIY

Scarf with buttons - DIY
Hope you enjoyed it, Share this post and help She Exists in growing. Have Fun!
[Image Source: WeHeartIt , Google Images]

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