Thursday, November 17, 2011

Will You Marry Me - Engagement Rings

It's awesome when he bends down and ask you.

Will you marry me?
All feelings, ideas and emotions are hidden in this one line, one knee bend, one moment of two and a ring. 

Will You Marry Me?

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This is the moment when he shows and wishes to live with you forever. Engagement ring is the most memorable, precious ring and sweet moment in a girl's life. The ring indicates that the girl (or maybe guy, but traditionally worn by girls only) is ready to get married and wants to be happy with her only one. 

Engagement rings can feature diamonds on gemstone and the girl keep with her throughout her life. So here are some awesome engagement rings. Guys! if you want to propose her, or soon to be married you can choose one for your girl. For all girls as well who wants to day dream about their guys to bring a ring like one of this, bend in front of her and ask to be with her forever.

This is my personal favorite, Love till infinity.

Do share your ideas and whether you like it or not and your personal favorite one.

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