Monday, September 5, 2011

The One Who Cared Most by Paulo Coelho

This short story is categorized under [Her Picks], a short emotional line in the story make it so touching.

The writer Leo Buscaglia was once invited to be on the jury of a school competition to find ‘The Child who cared most for others’.
The winner was a boy whose neighbor, a gentleman of over eighty, had just been widowed.

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When he saw the old man sitting in his garden crying, the boy jumped over the fence, sat on the man’s lap and stayed there for a long time.
When he went back home, his mother asked him what he had said to the poor man.
Nothing,’ said the boy. ‘He’s lost his wife and that must have really hurt.
“I just went over to help him to cry.” 

I love the sentiments of love, care and affectionate and this is one of my favorite story from Paulo Coelho's Blog. Hope you would like it too. 

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