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7 Unrealistic Expectations Disney Gave Me


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I remember the time when biggest tension was missing any episode of Disney Show. I grew up watching Disney, but while growing up I forgot one thing that the fantasy is fantasy and it can’t be real ever. Few days back, I found this image on internet saying “Disney gave me unrealistic expectations about hair” and I was thinking is it happened with me too. Take a look to that image.

Disney gave me unrealistic expectaion about hair.

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The answer was “Yes” but not only unrealistic expectations about hair, Disney brought me to the world of fantasy and I considered me a Princess since long. Well I agree every girl is a princess in her own but my case was the princess with real grace of princess. 

After deep analysis, I found there are many things about what Disney made me crazy and I believe till long that it’s the real things and would for sure happen with sometime soon in my life. But with getting knowledge about things and growing up, I found them so lame. So there are Sevens unrealistic expectations I’m describing in this post:

1) Prince Charming is Real 
I started believing that Prince Charming is real. Well Well Well.. Me and many other girls like me still wait for a man who would be awesome, so understanding, handsome, and intelligent, fulfill all my needs and he would come for me on white horse and take me away with him forever and we’ll live happily ever after.
Now I know that there’s nothing perfect, specially guys. They can have few and or may be all features together but they can’t be exact copy of Prince Charming we always waited for.

2) If it’s Ending It’s Happy Ending
I always believe that every ending should be happy otherwise it’s not end, and when there went anything wrong I waited desperately to correct it to make it a good ending. This is what Disney taught me. Can you believe a city sleeps for years and woke up on a whistle after years or a poor maid turns to a princess with a glass shoe at the end and everyone happily lives ever after.
So after growing up and realizing the ugly face of the world, I found every ending is not happy ending. Not every family lives happily ever and not every girl finds a prince charming at the end.

3) Every Girl can be Princess 
So remember how lucky Cinderella was or at least all those poor girls who were trapped for long in misery and then found a way out to somehow and become a princess. Disney made me believe that every girl who’s poor and miserable can be a princess.
Well I know many poor girls around trapped in same situations like in were Cinderella, Snow White or Jasmine were but they never get rid of miseries so easily with the help of fairy godmother or someone else.

4) Prince Charming is my Super Hero 
And in every Disney story, I found a Prince Charming, who’s the best guy in the story. No one can be better than him; no one can beat him in whole story. Watching Disney movies, I started believing that these super heroes are real in real life but when I suffered in world the reality I found was totally opposite. There’s no prince alive on the earth who travel miles for her princess, or a prince who’s turned to frog and will be prince again by kissing a princess. In short there’s no such prince or any super natural human like him in real life.

5) True Love Happens at First Sight 
Is it possible that you see a girl in ball and fall for her and when she’s lost somewhere you search for her like anything. Oh come’ on Disney made me believe that true love happens in first sight but while growing up and learning from personal experiences I found that true love is a lifetime process and can’t happen in one glance.

6) Beauty Ends on Disney Princess 
No one ever see a world beautiful girl named as Snow white, lil mermaid, Ariel or Cinderella or anyone like them. Beauty ends on them. Their hair, styles, beauty everything is jus awesome. This is all Disney told me; I thought that every girl can be that beautiful. I admit every girl is beautiful but to that limit?
Oh my in real world we have bad hair, marks and pimples on face, dull color, fat bodies and all these things which never make us the Super Beautiful, the most beautiful ones. Are we witches?

7) Story Ends on “They Lives Happily Ever After” 
Disney ends every story on “And they live happily ever after…” They got married and lived happily ever after? Was it end? Seriously??? 
In real life, the actual story starts after the point where Disney ends it stories.

All Disney Characters

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Disney was the best teacher taught me things I never knew about world. It gave me the vast fantasy which I couldn’t ever imagine alone myself but it taught me many things for which I waited till I got knowledge or personal experience about them.

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