Sunday, September 11, 2011

7 Reasons Girls Love Vampires

Vampires- and Girls Love Them

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I love Vampires and the fact is I’ve never seen one in my life. Actually I’m a big Twilight fan; Edward is my all time crush. And I keep on saying that I love Vampires. It’s not a case jus with me, all my girl friends are big Vampire fans. My brother used to ask me that why me (and my all friends and even his friends who’re girls) are so crazy about Vampires. I have come up with 7 reasons why girls are crazy about Vampires.

1) Twilight was a Hit
First and the most important reason is the blockbuster hit records of Twilight series. Vampires were never that appreciated as they were appreciated after Twilight. Edward made it and Vampires got fame among girls after the hot looks of Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson).

2) They have Attitude
The cold blooded Vampires have cold behavior as well. Their attitude is rude and girls love this attitude. Their attitude is the other reason to attract girls and so Vampires are that famous.

3) They have Powers
They can fly, fight, see far, and never sleep.  They can do many things more than normal guys. And girls love these stunts they show in movies and digest and fall for them. And this is another reason why they are famous among girls.

4) They have Mystery
They never grew old, they have powers, and they have mystery. Girls love mysteries and this love to mysteries makes them to love Vampires as well.

5) They are Unstoppable
Vampires cannot be stopped. Once they decide to do something nothing will come in their way, not even a wolf. So girls love the guys with strong determination and powers. This adds a reason to love Vampires.

6) They are Bad Boys
Vampires suck human blood and show a very cold attitude to them. They are bad boys, except Edward in Twilight, and this is a proven fact that bad boys attract girls more than good boys.

7) There Crystal Looks are Attractive
The crystal white look of Edward shown in Twilight is so attractive for girls that make them to fall for him and they believe that Vampires are that handsome in real as well.

So these are seven reasons I found and these are under the influence of Twilight mostly. And one funny thing I found about Vampires while writing this article that there are two types of Vampires. 1) Twilight Vampires 2) Normal Vampires... Twilight Vampires stalk you while you’re sleeping but normal Vampires give you space. [My Brother Wiki]

Are you a girl and do you love Vampires? If yes then is it a Twilight Vampires love or Other Vampires love? And if No then why not? Hihi.. so many questions? Jus one question.. Do you think vampires are real??
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