Thursday, September 8, 2011

7 Cute and Fun Wall Clocks

Fun Wall Clock

[Image Source: Little Peanut Baby Gifts]
Wall Clocks should be fun and should express your personality and taste. Who wants to wake up with the alarm of a routine clock or see a ordinary clock turning 7 on dial? I’m sure no one. I found a site with some awesome clocks which you can place on your bedroom, kids room, kitchen all around your house. These clocks are cute, fun and totally adorable. You surely want to place them in your house. Take a look to these seven awesome clocks.

1) Bearly Time Clock
The adorable circular clock is a polar bear face an crimson hands best suitable for your children room. The bear looks quite friendly on a silver metallic plate and red hands.

Bearly Time Wall Clock 
Price: $34.99 at

2) World Evolves Around You Clock
Complete your ‘kingdom’ with this wild clock, which counts down every second with another brightly colored beast. This is a round clock with a second hand as well. Place it anywhere and adore your choice.

World Evolves Around You Wall Clock
Price: $61.99 at

3) Chroma-logical Order Clock

The best watch with many attractive colors, a round adorable clock goes with any color scheme room. The circular clock with a second hand too.

Chroma-logical Order Wall Clock
Price: $61.99 at

4) Five After Flatware Clock

Cute and colorful clock for kitchen, with a center metallic round shaped base and spoons and forks around. This clock is quite colorful and can adjust with all kitchen or dining room colors.

Five after Flatware Wall Clock
Price: $42.99 at

5) Where T Equals Time Clock

I call it the geek clock. A round clock with a white base plate written some chemical formulas, the DNA structure and atom analysis. What a geek clock it is. Best suitable for students, doctors or chemists walls.

Where T Equals Time Wall Clock
Price: $39.99 at

6) Swatching the Clock
The circular clock with black bordering around, the colorful scheme of the clock is pleasing and the arrows hands are broad, smooth and prominent. This clock is best suitable for living rooms and TV lounges.

Swatching the Clock 
Price: $47.99 at

7) Party Time! Excellent! Clock

The elegant clock comes with an adorable design. Its silver hands keep time to the power minute, and you'll totally want an extreme close-up of the spokes which burst out of the center, each topped by an outrageously awesome colorful ball.

Party Time! Excellent Wall Clock
Price: $59.99 at

You wall clock shows your taste and choice. The nice ones enlighten your walls and make the room elegant. Come on, share your list with me, I’m on the hunt for new clicks now! Do tell me that how interesting you found this post?
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