Sunday, September 4, 2011

7 Big Lies about Love

Couple in Love [Image Source: Weheartit]
 There are many lies people used to tell about love since ages. They are sometimes silly, sometimes overly romantic, overly optimistic or way too depressing … So, why do we believe in them? I do have a few theories of my own. Mom and dad, Disney, Friends, Colleagues and, now, romantic movie etc. We born with these lies. I know I’ll sound quite unromantic but look at them and decide yourself.

1) We can Love jus Once
The first big lie about love is quite strange. We can love jus once in our life. I have seen many people falling in TRUE LOVE many times in their life. This is unnatural for human to ignore the flow of love, and it’s natural to fall in several times with different people. The fact thing is; we can love once, we can love twice and many times till we have emotions alive.

2) Fight Increases our Love
This is the weirdest lie about love. Fight increases love? Seriously??? Fights increases tensions, frustrations, distances but not love actually. They create misunderstandings, arguments and insecurities. So this is the big and weirdest lie about love.

3) Love is Blind
This is the fakest thing people say about love, a really big lie about love. Love is blind. Oh come’ on then why we check wallet before going to shop with them? Why we can’t ignore every bit thing about them? Why we need other things with love? Why do we care about the people around us? Love is not blind actually, it’s the name of wearing blindfold till we have the charm of other person, otherwise it’s a reality with open eyes and most of the time it’s bitter.

4) Jealousy is the other name of Love
The other weird lie people told about love. Jealousy is the other name of love. If someone is jealous of you, your smiles and laughter, he surely is in love with you. Well well well !! Jealousy and love are the name of two different emotions name. They are totally different from each other and not the alternate names of one feeling. The one who’s jealous of you is not in love with you, he’s jealous with you and that’s it.

5) Love is a Spark
Wow Love is a spark, a passion and sharing the emotions which are mutual between two, this sparking passion can burn anything… Ohh my, this is so crap lie told about love!! Love is the other name of the demand of someone to stay with you and share with you. It’s not a spark that can burn but yea it can burn two people who found in love.

6) We met in Heaven before
This is the funniest lie about love I’ve ever heard. Made for each other and we met in heaven before. So for some Mr. Flirt! How many people you found in heaven before? This is lame and funny lie people used to tell about love. Love is seeing someone in front of you and like them, it’s not something impractical, it’s something physical and real.

7) Love is saying "I Love You"
The lamest lie about love people told around. Love is saying I love you?? Maybe it was the case sometime back in 70s or 80s but this is 21st century and the most materialistic age ever comes. This sentence has no more worth to people. They commonly use this phrase to random others and it’s not the actual love we know about. So if someone is telling that he/she loves you, it doesn’t mean the love about which people say it’s blind or is a spark, it’s something that they like you and express you in another way.
So what do you think about the lies which were told us till yet? Is love a spark or blind? Is it happen once in whole lifetime?

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