Friday, September 23, 2011

10, 9, 8 … and she would Love you !!

That’s the most asked and most stupid question I have ever encountered, and even my favorite topic to write about, ‘The Girl’ and all topics related to her... I always wanted to answer the world’s simplest yet most complicated question “What a girl wants, How to deal with a girl and why she’s worth Respecting” but somebody asked me what if I have no girl to deal with. I felt the misery in that voice and I asked to wait until I write ways to have a girl and to make her to love you.. so this post is dedicated to all those who really want to use their sincere hearts to give it to someone who truly deserve it.

10. If she’s saying no, try to get the meaning out of it.
Girls are the most complicated creature in this world, if she’s saying a No it means it maybe, a maybe can be yes and a yes can be Confirm. She sets her own standards for people, if you want to impress her and get a lil closer, try to get the meaning out of his words. Here is a small post of what does she mean by her word.

9. Care her more than she cares you
And when you know that she cares about you, give her more. Not jus to get a soft corner for you but also ‘cause she deserves it. And when she’ll be watching you doing all for her, she’ll for sure give you a chance.

8. Never smile when she’s upset
When she’s upset and tells you about it, do try to console her with all possible ways, tell her that things will never stay same and she’ll get out of it soon. Don’t tell her about miseries of life, What else better she have, and what are the other bitter realities of life; and even she’ll never complain about it but you will lose your worth soon.

7. Give her space and time to settle
And when she’s upset ‘cause of you, try to give her space and time to adjust, there are people I’ve found in life, either they get on your nerves or avoids you completely. Space never means to go away, it means stop talking about the issue, talk about some Common interests.

6. Respect her tears
Even if you are not following all list and jus follow this one, you would for sure get a chance, A girl loves crying, it’s not cause she’s a drama. It’s cause she can sense and feels things better than guys, she’s sensitive towards things. If she’s crying over something, go and stand with her. She’s would love it.

5. Take her as she is
Girls simply hate those guys who asked her to change for them. If you want her, take her as she is. She is fat, dark, or loud, accepts her as she’s or let her go. Avoid asking her to change her things for you.

4.  Give her time but don’t be a satellite
Of course everyone likes to have some attention with him/her all time, girls love attention but as access of everything is bad so same with it. It’s very sweet to ask how are doing, what are you doing at start but as you started moving on in any relationship, it starts getting on nerves being a satellite all time; moving on the head. Specially in case of a girl when guys get insecure and start stalking her by every possible ways.

3. Money speaks but peace of mind is more important
I know money is the most essential need of life, but it’s not the only thing to live for, so many girls loves the luxuries and a well established life [I’m in] but  even for them peace of mind, secure life and someone to stay with is more important than every other thing, unless she’s heartless..

2. Treat her like a baby
As she’s the cutest and sensitive most creatures in this universe, she worth to be treated like a baby, when you start understanding her needs and try to learn her from scratch, she would love this idea to be treated and cared about.

1. Trust her like and keep trust that she would never break it
Trust her a lot and keep that trust that she’ll never break this trust. This will lead a relationship go long lasting and your bond stronger.

Follow these simple tens and she would love your ideas, And for my one, you don’t need to worry about all, you are already taken. 
Girls like to add more? Guy like to add your experience? All wanna share some thoughts?

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