Thursday, August 18, 2011

I wish... - Guest Post By Aisha Bilal

I wish...
I wish life was a keyboard,
with all the keys in place.
I wish life was walk to remember,
not merely a race.
A smile that could wipe away a tear,
not merely a mask over every other face.
As innocent as a wish upon a shooting star.
A hand held that would keep our heart in place.
I wish it was a rainbow after the rain,
with reasons to live in a million different ways.
A promise to keep,
not a word of praise.
Even if the world was smaller,
I wish it was a better place.
I wish...

[Image Source: Tumblr]
A guest post by Aisha Bilal and She exists and says:
im not professional writer but like to write which i have in my mind and in my heart ..
You can find her on twitter and visit her more writings on her blog Here.

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