Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to Live a Pink Life ...

A girl's Pink Life is a life that's full of life.. The life which is independent of others, full of energy, a life that has no fear of losing, a life in which she can sing, dance, blogs, a life in  which she has a world, her own world and she rules there. There are some simple rules which were originally shared by Barbie Page and I found them perfect to spend a Pink Life... 

So girls, what are you waiting for.. Forget everything else, Remember you, Chin up, Back straight, Be confident, Make a decision, Move proudly being a Girl..You own this life, you have to live this life and prove to everyone that She Exists .. 

So girls of all age.. !! Submit a Guest Post on your very own She Exists .. We are waiting for you here .. Write your heart, write anything and we'll publish it for you.. 
Pink Mwahxx.. Pink Rock.. She Exists ..

[Post Image Credit: Barbie, Google]

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