Friday, August 19, 2011

7 Ways to Become Confident

Ohh my, I’m soo shy... I can’t participate in my school function, I can’t speak up in a meeting, or I can’t go out with friends and be social because I feel so awkward. Many of us face this situation in our daily lives. There are 7 tips to overcome your shyness and be confident about you among your circles.

7) Avoid Negative Energies:
There are negative energies around us, but the key to success is to ignore on what others think about us, especially when you think that they talk too negative about you. To take criticism is one thing and to overtake criticism is another and totally not acceptable thing. Keep your positive attitude towards things. On a critic comment, Smile and say a Thank you and think over it to handle it with positive way.

6) Don’t Tag you as Shy:
I have seen many people telling others that they are shy and don’t speak a lot. There’s no point to tag you as shy. You are maybe but at least don’t tag it yourself.

The easiest way to overcome your shyness is to take you as the only being.

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5) Don’t Try to be Perfect:
Be human, no one in this world is perfect. We are all mean to make mistakes and I often notice that more perfect and confident humans make more mistakes than so unconfident and shy people. Those who have self confidence, they never try to be perfect; they try to make more mistakes.
So there is no point to repeat whatever you have done wrong once, Make a mistake. Learn from it and get the point out to never repeat it again.

4) If She can Do, I can Do Better:
Keep the positive energy up every time, if you are inspired by someone, believe me you can do same and even if you can’t, at least by keeping this positive attitude you can do something else better than the one. Everyone of us blessed with a unique ability and all we need to do is to search and utilize it to be unique, and confident among all.

3) Learn to Accept and Say No:
Learn to accept Rejections and No. Don’t take too much on heart and think that Life is not ending here, Maybe this is a new start. Take positive energy up every time you face some bad situation like this.
Also when you fall in some decision making situation or maybe like a friend is asking out and you are busy and don’t want to go but you are hesitant on saying a No. Think about this situation, give a favor if someone really deserves this but otherwise close your eyes for a sec, take a deep breath, make your mind and say a No. Trust me; No one will punch your nose.

2) Be Social:
Don’t avoid social gathering, friends meet up, parties, or a chance to speak and say out loud. Be confident ‘cause everyone else is human there as well. They are all like you but have guts and courage to speak up and face everyone. Attend social parties and say whatever you want to. It’ll boost your confidence up and make you strong in your circles.

1) No one is Staring you:
Last and most Important, You are not THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE for everyone. Everywhere; in a party, school, job or anywhere, everyone has a life and they are enjoying it. Don’t think that you are center of attention in every party, you are the only one who’s pointed a lot or you are the one who’s suffering. Avoid the negative thoughts coming and be confident to stay confident.

While it may not seem like the easiest thing in the world to do, you really can be confident! All of these tips can work on their own, but if you really want to, try doing a few of them at once… you can do it!

Don't Forget to Love yourself .. 

So which of these tips do you think you’ll try first?

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