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10 Things Big Girls Hate About Their Guys

Couple Fight

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While growing up old, not only her looks and styles changes but also her way of thinking, the code of living and the requirements about the Perfect Man. Her Prince Charming suddenly changes from Justin Biber to Eric Bana. She gets more sober and decent, same as her choices and living styles.

This is a proven fact that girls love to be a baby forever and hate to grow up but on the other side when they leave teen and enter in a mature period, they want their guy to be more caring and having a mature attitude towards life. So today here is the list of 10, the things which mature girls hate about their guys.

1) Talk a lot about One Thing
He: Are you down?
She: Yes, I’ve headache.
He: jus headache, anything else?
She: Not really
He: What happened? Your answer sounds sarcastic..
She: Nothing
He: Are you sure?
She: Yes
He: I knew something happened tell me what?
She: %>@@#>$#%>@#$@%%^&^&*^>!@@!@$@#$#%$^%&&^*%$#@$7*&(&*)&!#@@!#!@ 
Can You Please Shut up...!
So honestly big, mature girls hate this thing the most. Talk about one thing and think as she’s the most irresponsible girl in this whole universe. Keep on reminding and talking about it again and again. This thing irritates girls a lot.

Dear Boy!
She can hear once and she’s sensible enough to listen and understand in one go. Can’t you give her a break and talk about anything else? Come’ on !

2) Acting like Teenagers
He: Hey was’up?
She: Nothing, working
He: let’s have some chit chat?
She: Working right now, anything important?
He: No, but I feel that you don’t love me anymore
She: Come’ on.
He: Why you are so late in replying?
She: I’m working and I hate texting and this is irritating me right now. And please I’ll talk to you later when I’ll be free.
He: Are you serious?
She: @#$#%@!$!@$$%^%^&&^()*$$@#$@$!@$^*&^(*&(*%$@#$!@#@!@#%^
Give me a break..!!
Ehh this one is even I hate the most about guys. I mean this is a fact thing I state already that even mature and sensible girls loves being baby like and never wants to grow up but guys come’ on. You can’t do same, you’re not a girl or ARE YOU...  OMG !!!
Mature girls hate interrupting all time, hate texting, hate to hang on phone till he says Love You, hate to stay up in nights for jus to say a Good Night to him or hate to confess all time that the feelings are mutual.

Dear Boy!
Can you please try to be a bit mature? You are no more 16; you need to act like a real man. Do something big for her, keep her with you forever and prove that you’re the right choice for her.

3) Making it Fake
She: I’d a car accident; wasn’t major, but I thought to tell you.
He: Omg ! You ok? I’m coming.
She: No, it was minor, I’m fine.
He: No no I’m coming.
She: not required at all. I’ll be at home in sometime.
He: oo baby, take care of yourself, and I knew it something bad gonna be happen with my love, I’d a bad dream. So I’m going to pray for my baby to get well soon. And you don’t know how much I’m worried about you and want to come to see you.
She: @#$@#%%^&*()*(%$#$#@$!@$!@$@$%^*&*()*_())()_T$#%!@#!#~~!#$#*()
Get Real!
I mean she knows it’s good if he cares and shows it, but there’s no point to fake about it. Not in jus caring, big girls hate guys when they fake about things and lie.

Dear Boy!
It’s not easy to make a girl fool but if you think you’re doing it since long and she’s not aware, she must be giving you chances or must love you a lot.

4) Wearing Casual in Parties
She: It’s my sister’s wedding and you’re wearing this Green t-shirt with Yellow tattoos, and your jeans and joggers.
He: Oh! I was in hurry. HeHe.
She: @#$#@%#$%$^%^&^*&(**^%&^%&%**(@!#$#*()*(&(^*^&%#%#$%#$%#$%$

Mature girls hate when their guys wear casual dresses in formal functions. It’s acceptable in casual parties but guys love to stay casual and girls hate to see their guys in casual dresses.

Dear Boy!
Use your common senses; try to think with your mind that what suits with what occasion, look good, make her feel good and proud being associated with you.

5) Cry Babies
He: Why didn’t you call me yesterday?
She: I forgot.
He: Why you always do this to me… you know how much you mean to me, you know how much I miss you, you know…
She: @#$#$%^%&*&(*)(**&&$#@#@!#~!#$%^%&*&()&)*)*#@!#~!#!#@$%^$%&*&&(&*$#!@#!
Big girls hate crying and shying boys. It’s so girlish to cry and shy over things and girls hate when guys do same.

Dear Boy!
Be a man and it says it all.

6) Driving Fast
Grown up girls, those who are not so adventurous, hate when their guys drive fast, call or text while driving or drive carelessly and not listen to her.

Dear Boy!
She cares for you, for you, for her, for your love.

7) Football or Me?
She: Hey... I wanna tell you…
He: Later honey, Arsenals are going good right now. Yayy Goal !
She:  w#^&*&(&&^%$#@!!@^&(_)*&^$%#$@~!@#!@#%^)(_(*)&(^%$#$@#!@~$%^(*&^%$#@#!~@
It tells that how important I’m for him.
The big fights happen when she gets less attention or he avoids her. Its reasonable excuse if he’s busy but is the football match or going out with friends or all other random activities are more important than her?

Dear Boy!
Mature girls understand your activities and never bother you in your time and if she’s there must be some reason behind it.

8) Appearing Insecure
He: Who was on phone?
She: Friend
He: Who friend?
She: You don’t know him
He: How do you know him?
She: He was in my college.
He: Why he called now?
She: @!#@$#%$^%&^*&(&**&$%#$@$#%$^^&*&^%$#@#@$%^&*()_(*&^%$#!@@##$%^&
Give me space!
Every girls love care and attention but only if it’s not ruining their personal space and security. If their guys start getting on their nerves by getting insecure about every minor thing, they hate it till death.

Dear Boy!
Trust is the basic brick in every relationship, if you don’t trust her, you don’t love her at all.

9) Fighting In-front of Others
She: Please don’t shout me in front of your family.
He: it shows how much I love you.
She: @!#@$#@%$#^&*)(*&^%$#@!@#$%^&*()_+_)(*&^%$#@!~@#$%^&*(+_)(*&^%$#@!
Get a Life!
Mature girls know that how to be good and show how good couple you are in front of others and hate when their guys reveal the things between two to everyone else.

Dear Boy!
I know you love fighting with me, but in front of everyone? Ehh ! Get some privacy on..

10) Think She’s Ignorant
He: forget it you don’t know how to do it
She: Huh but I even did it prior than you.
What you think about you?
Grown up girls are mature, you can trust on their knowledge and abilities,. If they don’t know something, they will admit it with open heart but if they are so sure that she can do that she will do it by hook or by crook. Girls hate when guys make them feel ignorant being a girl.

Dear Boy!
She’s mature enough to handle things. You should trust on her abilities to avoid this situation.

Guys claims that all these things we mention a lot and fight over are minor but they never understand that the small things turns to major fights. 

So girls add some reason if you have any.. Send us your feedback and comments.. We're waiting for them. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Free Race cannot be Born of Slave Women

I'm a girl but I'm independent.. Why they didn't let me live in my own space? by 3yesha [Image Source: Weheartit]
They Say I am Mad 
They say I am mad
Is this because I look so sad?
They find me different from themselves
What they can’t handle, can’t be but bad

When I am silent they love to confer
But when I speak, I find them dumb
If my eyes are full of tears, they maul
But if I smile, their ire would not succumb 

They say I don’t belong to them
To live with them I have to change
I have to breathe with their consent
And perhaps die of this rage

A Guest Post by Aisha Bilal, She Exists and says:
I'm not professional writer but like to write which I have in my mind and in my heart ... and again I love to  post on She Exists. I'm so grateful for the She Exist that give me a path to speak freely :) Thanks again !If you want to know more about me then visit my world of perception.
You can find her on Twitter, find more about her here on My World of Perception

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LA - Video Music Awards- Biggest Audience Ever

Beyonce with baby bump -Video Music Awards 2011

[Image Source: Lamutamu]
Beyonce made this huge announcement outside the L.A.'s Nokia Theater at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards. 29 years old, Grammy winning superstar appeared in covering up her body in gorgeous, loose-fitting red gown and announced her pregnency news in front of new photographers.It'll be the first child of her and Jay-Z, her husband for three years, baby is a boy and expected in February next year. Twitter users fired off a record number of tweets per second on the announcement. 

Lady Gaga in her manly looks - Video Music Awards 2011

[Image Source: A.V Club]
Lady gaga dressed up in a male. A manly Lady gaga kicks it off and blow the roof off, also Adele and Katy Perry were the top winners with three trophies each.
The network says its annual show honoring the top music videos attracted 12.4 million viewers Sunday night, a nine percent growth from last year and a network record.[Source: Yahoo News]

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Top 10 All Time Favorite Hairstyles

Our hair is just our crowning glory.
We women adore fashion and style. Fashion comes in clothes, shoes, makeup, fancy accessories, styles the way we carry things and hairstyles. We enjoy dressing up, getting ready and styling our hair.  Hair is the part of fashion and beauty. Here is a list of 10 hairstyles which are famous since long till yet and not getting a chance to get down. So here are all time ten favorite hair styles you may want to check out.

1) Angel Bob Hairstyle

Decent Bob Hairstyle

[Image Source: Bob Hair Styles]
Bon hairstyle, honestly it doesn't suit all but never gets old. It comes with changing its shapes, angel bob, sleek bob, bob with bangs etc. It’s best suitable for working ladies.

2) Backcombed Lose Curls Hairstyle

Simple Backcombed Hair

[Image Source: Become Gorgeous]
Backcombed and lose curls hair is the best hairstyle for long hair. Best suitable for those who women want volume in their hair. Backcombed hair are always the best idea to artificially giving volume to your hair and lose curls adds more with them.

3) Front Braid Hairstyle

Elegant Front Braid

[Image Source: New Cool Hairstyle]
Front Braid is the decent most hairstyle for parties and night functions. It’s all time favorite and these days hottest hairstyle. It suits the most on hair which have natural volume.

4) Fringe Hair with Bangs Hairstyle

Fringe Hairstyle with Side Bangs

[Image Source: Great Celebrity Hairstyles]
Bang suits with every type of straight hair, and suits the most on fringe. The side bangs looks very hot with fringe hairstyle. This hairstyle is the most commonly used and highly popular in every era.

5) Sleek Hairstyle

Long Sleek Hairstyle

[Image Source: New Cool Hairstyle]
A hairstyle that suits on all, looks hot all the day and popular throughout yet. Yes its sleek hairstyle, this hairstyle is even one of my personal favorite and sexiest among all.

6) Messy Backcombed French Braid Hairstyle

Simple Backcombed Messy Hairstyle

[Image Source: Confetti]
French braid is the oldest popular hairstyle and when it comes with messy look, it becomes the sexiest among all. The messy, out of bed, look gives it the style statement and makes it unique from rest common styles. This hairstyle is usually adopted by models and actress at the start but with time it gets so popularity and it’s in style from last many years.

7) Straight Layers with Front Backcombing Hairstyle 

Layered Hairstyle with Front Backcombing

[Image Source: Google]
This is my favorite ‘cause it’s my own hairstyle actually. And it’s the easiest for working women, who don’t get enough time to have a hairstyle at the start of day. This hairstyle comes with short or long straight or wavy hair. Cut in layers style and adding volume on tying it up by backcombing.

8) Messy Updo Hairstyle

Messy Bride Updo Hairstyle

[Image Source: Bride]
This hairstyle got popular so high, also known as beach hairstyle. The most casual hairstyle and quite popular among ladies since long.

9) Ponytail Hairstyle

Ponytail is always in Fashion

[Image Source: Ponytail Hairstyles]
Ponytail suits on every kind of hair, sleek or wavy, curls or perms. A ponytail caters every hairstyle. It’s the highest ranking in popularity since ages and not supposes to get down ever in list of hairstyles.

10) Lose Wavy Hairstyle

Long wavy Hairstyle

[Image Source: Hairstyle Images]
Perms comes in and goes out of fashion but lose waves or curls in hair never goes out till yet. It suits on every type of dress and face cut, and popular since last two decades among ladies.
So what's your hairstyle? Which hairstyle you like the most?
Do share your feedback, it's life to She Exists.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

7 Places to Get Writing Inspirations

A Girl Loves Writing...

[Image Source: Weheartit]

So almost everyone believe same that writing is not an easy task, it’s quite tough. I usually take a lot of time in searching and thinking a topic, researching over the key points, making mind to write and then start writing. Those who read decide in a minute about the content and never understand the pain of writer in searching the inspiration and content for writing. To help all my fellow bloggers and content writers, today I’m writing the seven places from where you can search the inspiration for writing.

1) Digital World (Internet)

Get a Mug of Coffee or a Bowl of Ice-cream and Write Your Heart.

[Image Source: Weheartit]
So the first one is an obvious one, almost everyone of us use internet the most to get inspiration for writing. Surfing over the internet, joining social sites, reading good blogs… everything helps us giving an inspiration to write. I strongly believe that internet is the strongest and most commonly used way to get an inspiration to start writing. If you get an idea of some writing, jus ponder a bit, do some research and get your content ready.

2) Printing Material (Books and Magazines)

Yes Yes, Fairy Tales do Come True

[Image Source: Weheartit]
Books and magazines are the other option. They broaden the mind and shows and tells us the places and things, we have never been through. A digital material is good for reading but it can NEVER lesser down the value of a book. The printing content helps a lot to get the idea of good writings and well organized content.

3) TV Shows and Movies

My Grandfather's Television

[Image Source: Weheartit]
There are loads of television shows and movies which inspire to write, they have some scream in them. You can search a topic out of a television show or a movie and convey to your audience in your own words.

4) Lyrics and Musical Beats

Music is My Lifeline.

[Image Source: Weheartit]
Music is another choice and for someone like me it’s the best choice, specially for those who love writing about the romance and love. The beats of music and the lyrics sometimes give you an idea to start writing about something and your interest in the topic will let you write on it.

5) Everyday Conversation

Group Conversation

[Image Source: Google Images]
Daily conversations, discussions, and even fights sometime; with friends, family or randomly give a big inspiration to shout and write it all.

6) Blogging Blogger Blog

Blog Blog I Love You Blog

[Image Source: Google Images]
Reading others blogs helps a lot to get an inspiration of writing. Here I want to add one thing that inspiration never means copying the whole stuff (plagiarism). You can inspire by the way they write, what the write and how they write, and can give a try to write a unique and way better than them. 

7) Observing Life

A Life outside My Window

[Image Source: Weheartit]
What we see, feel and listen around us, and the people who live with us inspire us the most in content we write, how we write and what topic we write. I believe that when we open up we ear and eyes and all other senses, observe the life around us, we find many topics to write and we can have many content even from the scenario we were passing on.

So Dear Reader..!!
These are all working ideas of finding an inspiration to write, in searching the writing topic and in finding the best writing content. Hope it’ll help you in your blogging.
Like the Ideas? Share your views, add something if I missed and tell me what make you inspire when you start writing? Additionally.. Those who want to write with She Exists can submit their post Here or can send a direct Email
We are waiting here …
Cheers !! 

Friday, August 26, 2011

7 Tips: How to Spend Eight Hours at Work?

All those who think she can't work are surely men.

[Image Source: WeHeartIt]
Honestly 9 to 6 duty is not that easy and specially if you are a woman and managing a home or even if you don’t have much responsibilities at home, you need to care about many things ‘cause you are a woman and you have to maintain your dignity. So there are seven easy steps to follow and spend a good working day.

1) Be Easy and Look Cool
I’ve seen many woman wearing uneasy clothes at work, which are many times fit for parties not for work. Put on easy clothes whatever looks good with you and according to your work culture. Be easy in shoes you are wearing, prefer a pump on open toe high heel and a gladiator on flat slipper. If you are front desk working woman, put on light and decent makeup, light foundation, eyeshades, eyeliner, a light lip gloss, and smooth blushes. Don’t go for mascara, thick bases, heavy eyeshades and dark lipsticks unnecessarily ‘cause makeup on your face for eight hours can damage your skin. If you are working in technical and not involve with public dealing, keep yourself easy with clothes, shoes and very light or no makeup. Wear simple and decent jewelry if you like. Don’t wear uneasy hand bands or bangles if your work is related with typing. Don’t forget to put your fragrance on, but don’t go with loud and irritating smells, use some natural smell deodorant or body spray or maybe a perfume if you like. The key tip to look fresh and beautiful at work is to be easy in what you are wearing. Take frequent breaks of 5 to 10 minutes, keep yourself fresh and active.

2)  Keep Your Gadgets with You
Don’t forget to keep your gadgets in your bag with you. Your work, debit and credit card, wallet, phone, ipod, umbrella; just in case you travel on local transport, your favorite book, necessary makeup and hairbrush, body spray and pad or tampon. These things are important to keep in your handbag you carry with you at work and would be very helpful in case of any emergency.

3) Interaction with Male Colleagues
Understand the thing that you are working in an office not in your home, you need to interact with the opposite gender as well. Keep your mind straight and don’t over think about their existence, be cool and confident ‘cause they are jus your colleagues and walk and talk normally in their presence. If your job nature is physical, try to be in more comfortable and covered dresses. If your job nature is more interactive with men, it’s good to work in a friendly atmosphere. Don’t be shy or hesitant, jus have faith on you, believe that you are equally capable.

4) Manage Your Time
Being a woman and having other responsibilities too, a home is waiting for you there; you need to manage your work more efficiently than men. Try to complete your work first. Keep your concentration at work than other not-so-related stuff, like gossiping or bitching. Complete your work done on time to avoid late sittings and working holidays.

5) Interaction with Family
Don’t forget to inform your family about the time you’ll leave office and time you’ll arrive back to home. Concentration on work is important but informing home about your day routine is the most important thing. Do tell them if you are changing your routine temporally or permanently, it’ll help you to be safe and lesser problems at home due to work.

6) Working Late or Working Holidays
Working eight hours is no doubt tough for a woman but it’s routine, but jus in case there are overload of work and you have to sit additional work hours, or work on holidays or weekends, jus be sure that the security is there, your working area is safe, someone else, a trustworthy one, is coming with you. It’s good to call your friend at work with you. Keep informing your family that how much time remaining and when you’ll be back to home.

7) Carry Your Confidence with You
The last but the most important tip for a working woman to spend eight hours at work is to not forget to carry a smile on your face, your positive energies and confidence with you. You are not at home so act mature and prove yourself that you exist and you can do everything equal to the men.

Keep your dignity and Prove that you can do it, equally better as men.
Are you a working woman? What problems you do face while working? What steps you can take to improve your eight hours at work? how you manage your time at work with home? Share your tips with us… Enjoy working.. 

A Thousand Years... - Guest Post By Mehreen

[Image Source: tumblr]
That's how this age old tale goes. It starts with a boy falling hopelessly in love with a girl. A new story begins. Probably the best you and I have heard in quite some time. The story takes your breath away. You swoon and sigh with it as the young couple fights the odds just to be together. The best part of this story is the end; there is no end to this tale. Each ending entails a new beginning.

It takes you on a joy ride -- for a thousand years or so… Lovers dream of the perfect fantasy, where a love starts as early as the time when your cheeks still flush with the colors of innocence, when the heart knows no malice, when there are no grays.

Lovers Coffee Mugs [Image Source: tumblr]
She sips her coffee when she notices the imprints of the mug on paper. Tracing it with her fingers, she remembers their first coffee together when life began; the first time she opened her eyes to something so beautiful that would only grow from here and now. It beats, it sets her free. It gives her wings and she wants to fly!

A thousand years of love - that's just about it. May be more, if we are lucky. 

May you find the love of your life. Oh, and a Happy Thousand-Years to you! :)

A Guest Post by Mehreen Asghar, She Exists and says:
Hi, I'm Mehreen and I'm the write of the perfect line. I hope you take out time to check my site out where I share my favorite music, favorite quotes, short fictions and a whole lot of fun! I'm so grateful for the SheExists site admin to let me do a guest post for them. I hope you like my little write up and decide to give me a visit. Will be waiting for you :) See ya!
You can find her on Facebook and Twitter, find more about her here on My Perfect Line

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Eleven Questions: Are you a Good Partner?

Are you a good partner?

[Image Source: Google]
A best couple is like a pair of socks, you need both and they need to match.
Relationships don’t get strong by meetings they fasten by feelings and thoughts both have. If these thoughts are matching, both are compatible with each other, but sometimes it doesn’t work. To figure out, how good you are performing, ask the Eleven questions:

1) What do you want from your partner usually?
a.       Love and Time [1]
b.      Money and Lust [0]

2) What do you do when you have spare time in your busy routine?
a.       Spend a passionate time with them [1]
b.      Ignore them and go out with your friends [-1]
c.       Rest at home [0]

3) What do you do when your partner has problem with you?
a.       Initiate to resolve it first [2]
b.      Ignore them and let it solved itself [1]
c.       Go to end it all [-1]
d.      Wait them for a apology [0]

4) How fast you are responding to them (A call or a meeting notice)
a.       I usually don’t pick their calls [-1]
b.      I call myself time by time [2]
c.       I know they will call and ask me to meet [0]

5) Do you remember the special and important things related to your partner?
a.       No, I usually forget [-1]
b.      Yes, every time [1]
c.       Sometimes [0]

6) What do you do when you both have some arguments turned fight?
a.       Yell at them and leave [-1]
b.      Listen to them calm them down to solve the problem [2]
c.       You immediately talk about ending relationship [-2]
d.      Keep quiet and Listen them yelling [1]

7) What do you do when you don’t agree with their some point?
a.       Try to convince them [1]
b.      Force them to agree with you [-1]
c.       Forget your own point and go with their choice [2]

8) What would you do if they cheat on you?
a.       Cry yell and that’s all [0]
b.      Talk to them and ask the reason [1]
c.       Who cares, even I’ll do same [-2]

9) Do you ever think of cheating on them?
a.       I did already [-2]
b.      I can’t imagine this [1]
c.       May be [-1]

10) Do you ever feel that the feelings are not mutual?
a.       Sometimes [0]
b.      No, We love each other [2]
c.       I love them but I don’t know about them [-1]

d.       Need to confess all time [0]

11) Where do you see yourself without them?
a.       I’m nothing [1]
b.      I’m Me and I don’t care [0]
c.       I can live if they can live [1]

Now this is self assessment time. Answer these eleven questions and calculate your scoring.  Ask your partner to give this survey and calculate their score, Compare your results and find out who is better among you. [DON’T ASSUME THEIR ANSWERS YOURSELF]

I've another last question, If you know your partner's score as well, were you present when your partner was answering these question or you trust them a lot? 

Add all 16 to your score if the answer is Yes.. 

[12-16] Excellent
[6-11] Average
[1-7] Not that good

Tell us yours scoring and the answers you choose, add your choices if you have any other answers, give people tips on this thread and get advises on making a relationship stronger.