Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Red Polka Dress..

She was back to home after the tiring shopping of four hours, in the biggest Malls of The City. And after ordering her maid to place all wardrobes in closet, she entered in washroom to freshen up. In next fifteen minutes she was back and the poor maid was telling her about the progress she made with the shopped things. She nodded her head and asked her to go and started searching the closet to find some dress and change to take rest.

[Image Source: Google]
A young girl is yelling at her mother for not having the splendid clothes to wear on the Christmas party. She’d one old and grafted red dress, with white dots on it. This is the only dress which her mother stitched herself years back and her stopped growth made her mother think that she didn't need a new one. Poverty made the old lady to think wise and far.

[Image Source: Google. Edited]
She found hundreds of untouched new dresses, night dresses, party wears, casuals, in her big marvelous wardrobe, while rejecting every other expensive dress there; she was searching for the Red Polka Dress; which was faded, almost tore and grafted on every section, but very comfortable 'cause her mother's love was hidden in every stitch.

[Image Source: Harvard Art Museum. I'm still not sure weather it's Picasso's art but anyways this is the most touching picture describing a mother's love i have ever found in art pieces.]

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