Thursday, June 30, 2011

This is My Life???

Is there someone to whom you love and he gives a shit about your feeling? Are you sure you are not under a satellite which is continuously following your position and not giving you any space? Is there someone who wants you to transform to a new you? Do you really think it’s your life and no one else is governing it?

So ladies... if any of the above case is true, you are not having a Your Life, this is a life you are jus passing without knowing the actual meaning of living. Tonight when I was sick of my life which I was spending under the influence of others, and played my favorite track on repeat and asked myself about my life... 

So there are few things came to my mind which I always want to do to make my day brightening. This is a experienced tip that can be use by anyone to brighten your day.
  1. Working

  2. Blogging

  3.  Music

  4.  Shopping

  5.  Reading

  6.  Exercising

  7.  Dieting

  8.  Dreaming

  9. Avoiding

  10. Loving

Keep yourself busy in work, away from the negative thoughts, the cunning and not so well-wisher people. If life is tough start writing it in easy words and everything will be sorted out itself. You can even put on your head phones, play loud music and forget about everything else. Or maybe go out for shopping, pick a friend but even alone is a better idea, shop a lot whatever you want to and forget the pain what everyone else is giving you. Read a book, a fashion magazine, a cooking recipes book even or anything, if nothing is working read things on facebook. Start yoga, aerobics or dancing to make you healthy and fit and forget about everything else happening or maybe start planning good dieting ideas for you. Start dreaming big and thinking big plans for your future, following trends and add you innovations, avoiding the not so positive energies in your surroundings, and loving those who actually deserve you and your love.

Make it your life, your own, make it easy for you. Long back in 2003 I watched a movie and the lead girl left the hero of the movie for her profession saying 
I wanna look good, I wanna feel good. 
Get inspiration from this line... Feel good and look good

Lead your life the way you want to ‘cause time will never come back for you second time.

Image Source: Facebook Page
Choose the Path you always wished for, It maybe not the right one but it can be the path of your Dreams.

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