Thursday, June 30, 2011

This is My Life???

Is there someone to whom you love and he gives a shit about your feeling? Are you sure you are not under a satellite which is continuously following your position and not giving you any space? Is there someone who wants you to transform to a new you? Do you really think it’s your life and no one else is governing it?

So ladies... if any of the above case is true, you are not having a Your Life, this is a life you are jus passing without knowing the actual meaning of living. Tonight when I was sick of my life which I was spending under the influence of others, and played my favorite track on repeat and asked myself about my life... 

So there are few things came to my mind which I always want to do to make my day brightening. This is a experienced tip that can be use by anyone to brighten your day.
  1. Working

  2. Blogging

  3.  Music

  4.  Shopping

  5.  Reading

  6.  Exercising

  7.  Dieting

  8.  Dreaming

  9. Avoiding

  10. Loving

Keep yourself busy in work, away from the negative thoughts, the cunning and not so well-wisher people. If life is tough start writing it in easy words and everything will be sorted out itself. You can even put on your head phones, play loud music and forget about everything else. Or maybe go out for shopping, pick a friend but even alone is a better idea, shop a lot whatever you want to and forget the pain what everyone else is giving you. Read a book, a fashion magazine, a cooking recipes book even or anything, if nothing is working read things on facebook. Start yoga, aerobics or dancing to make you healthy and fit and forget about everything else happening or maybe start planning good dieting ideas for you. Start dreaming big and thinking big plans for your future, following trends and add you innovations, avoiding the not so positive energies in your surroundings, and loving those who actually deserve you and your love.

Make it your life, your own, make it easy for you. Long back in 2003 I watched a movie and the lead girl left the hero of the movie for her profession saying 
I wanna look good, I wanna feel good. 
Get inspiration from this line... Feel good and look good

Lead your life the way you want to ‘cause time will never come back for you second time.

Image Source: Facebook Page
Choose the Path you always wished for, It maybe not the right one but it can be the path of your Dreams.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Me and My Small Wishes..

Jus a Shoulder to Cry 
or is it a big demand???
Maybe I'm not happy ...
Maybe I'm upset like anything ...
Maybe nothing is working for me ...
Maybe I'm desperate about happiness and a shoulder ...
and Maybe It's nothing related with my personal life ...
I'm unsure about my life like my life is not sure about anything ...

A new future?

I have officially passed my payroll exam (the second time around). Am I excited for new job possibilities? Maybe.

More money.
Still interacting with shitty people (i.e. people that think they're better than you, that think you don't know anything)

Thing is, I don't want to have to prove myself to people by having a degree, having a fancy car, or by what I wear or how I act. And a lot of people are like that in the working world.
I want people to respect me for the things I know (and not through education, studying or by getting a degree), I'm talking about life experience over here, and good observation.
Well, maybe I'll reach my real dream one day (being a novel writer), but for now, I've got to earn my money like everyone else.

Cheers for now...

a post by Careman

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm Dadda's Princess..

I see the crystal raindrops fall

And the beauty of it all
when the sun comes shining through
To make those rainbows in my mind
When I think of you sometime
And I want to spend some time with you

Just the two of us
we can make it if we try
Just the two of us

[For My Dadda, Abba, Abbu Jan]
[Lyrics: Just the Two of us (Bill Smith)]

[Image Source: Google]
At the start of this song, he says 
Now Dad is a Sensitive Subject..
 I wanna say all about you, the way you made my days and nights, the way you build me, the way you helped me stop destroying, the way you took my all problems as yours, the way you decided things for me, and the way you helped me to fulfill all my dreams. I think I'm a Princess and people asks me why the reason is cause..

I'm Dad's Princess and his Lovely Doll.. I love you Abbu and I can't put my feelings in words ever.

Friday, June 17, 2011

It Rains when She Cries..

These rains are my best friends, they know every time how I feel, and I always talk to them.. 

Today they are looking so sad and making me sad too. I'm asking the reason of sadness and they are pouring their drops over me saying it's me, who's making them sad.  and I found someone telling me that 
It rains when you cry... 

I was Crying IN and It was Raining OUT.. 

I was so feeling to write something sad and It started raining... 
It's nothing related with my personal life .. 
Smiles in this Rain 'cause there's no one to wipe your tears away ..

I wanna Get Lost [in Love] with You ... !!

How about You, Me and our Love go away from this cruel world?
How about getting lost in some Jungle? 
How about live in some cave? 
How to live in the trance of each other all time? 
How about loving each other without any conditions?

I so want to Get Lost [in Love] with You somewhere we can Stay Alone without any Interference, where you have You and Your All time for Me  and where we Make Possible to Every Impossible..

Waking up at 3AM; this night the most fascinating idea arrive and I felt like to type it for this Friday Post. so the awesomeness is still alive on my blog, I sooo love the idea of having so many people hitting and reading my random thoughts, I can't thank everyone what they always make me feel. I feel like a Princess ruling on a big big state or a Sunshine appearing after a cold winter night or maybe a Mother's Smile which appear on her face after looking her child happy. I feel different, I feel special. and this is all because of some awesome people always around me. Today I wanna admit one thing that we always miss the one after we lose them. I feel same sometime that I never care the one  when everything was in my control and missing now. I'm so happy with my life [Alhamdullaih].  This was nothing with this post, It was jus a random confession.

So the awesomeness that joined me in last two weeks is big in number but that number is still countable but their awesomeness is not measurable. I'm talking a lot ehh? Think I should name those who followed me in last two weeks and found a way to heaven.. Follow/Join and Read their blogs..

I love you all
Big Muwahs and Happy Weekend ahead.                                                                                                                                          
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Unread Chapter ...

I was not a Book...
I was a Chapter... Opened but Left Unread... 
forever ...

[Image Source: Tumblr]
and I wish I could tell you .. 
What hurts the most .. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ask the Pain from my Heart .. !!!

who says it doesn't hurt when you cut your nails down? Ask my heart.. !!!

[Image Source: Google]
It's so awesome to have nails like this but today unfortunately I had to cut my amazing nails 'cause I want to keep my phone scratch less, it hurts and I'm serious about my statement. 

The weekend is so awesome here and I so want to say sorry to those who followed me last week and I couldn't mention them from last two Fridays. I'll surely do this thing as I was doing it before from next week. I miss the awesome time I'd on my blog and I'm still around. Loads of Love for my awesome readers and great followers .. big muwahs .. 

So have a look to my hands with my cute nails which are past now. *Sighs Dramatically* 

It's an recent picture with a bit short nails and I adore it. I love my hands with henna on, I'll share it sometime here.

so.. Like it? tell me do you like sharp nails or short nails? and if you are a guy think about your girl's hand.. 

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

You, Me and Our Flow ..

You came like a pleasant rain in my life which made my flows like steady rivers. You touched my dreams and give me the reason to feel more, dream more, and live more. Now I want to drag me in flow of this love forever and die in same river.

I’m so NOT getting time for my blog and the awesomeness here I left. I’m so in air so high on the blue sky. I wanna fly more high and never want to tire up with the flow of this air. This blog is so looking like a place to talk about “Love” only but I found me so helpless whenever I type I never feel like to say anything else.
P.S. I love you MORE now. 

 So this Awesomeness is not over yet, I'm here and I'll stay forever. love you all
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

To The Man on White Horse .. !!

This post is dedicated to My One.. The Man on White Horse..
My Prince Charming .. !! 

And you know what you are for me.. A passion, A Smile, A Spark, A Charm .. I don't wanna write words here for you, I wanna put my heart in this post, and it would be all about You itself.

and yea it's like when I close my eyes and I see you there and when I open my eyes, I wanna see you .. !! Your everything make me fall in Love with you.. 

Once you asked me why do I love you and I never replied to that, I wanna tell you today that I love you, 'cause there's no one else in this world deserve my love more than you, I love you 'cause no one else in this world love me like you do. I love you 'cause no one else in this world care for me like you do. You tolerate my silly things, You love to listen me even when I'm not talking. You smile on my anger, You ignore my mistakes, You avoid to fight with me; even on my idiotic reasons. I love you when everyone else tell me that he loves you, I love you when you talk about me all time and praise me. I love you 'cause there's no one else in this world  to whom I can show all my anger and tantrum. and I Love You 'cause you don't want me to change.

And when WE get into some problem and have arguments, you listen to me and prove me right every time even when I know I'm wrong. I fight a lot, a lot, jus 'cause you are the only one who can understand my frustration, who can take that out of me, I know I'm mean to you but thats the only way I talk to you a lot and tell you everything.

My Life is mean for You and Only You, I want to be with you today, tomorrow , forever .. !!

You know what, I know you are the only one who can sort me and everything else in my life.  And now I'm waiting for you to come and take me away on Your White Horse. 

and I wish you read it today yourself, and if you can't I'll make you read that day

when We will be together, forever ..  [very soon IA] 

and for you .. Love Story .. Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone.. !!

and i cant ever write as best ever again for you, and I can't ever find the better content for my 100th blog post of this year.. the post of this year for you my love.. <3 muwahs .. !!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We are Reality .. !!!

When I opened my eyes he was besides me, that moment the world was glooming, birds were singing and the morning was never that beautiful that it was that day. The valley was shining with the sunshine and everything was looking so perfect. I always wanted to leave this busy world and wanted to move to place like that. It was a dream come true and I was very happy. Our small hut was the best place to live in this whole world. I used to wake up early to cook food for you and you work in valley. Life was simple and easy and above all you were with me, I was shining with the heat of your love around me.

Today I opened my eyes thinking about that beautiful dream and I murmured... 

that was a beautiful dream ..

and he appeared next to me, and whispered in my ear, holding my hand...  
We are reality.

[Image Source: Google]
So I’m back from the awesome trip, it was amazing and I found the best experiences of my life there. I missed the awesome people there and my blog and all... hope you people missed me too. for overview I'll post a quick collage that will describe my fabulous experience there.. in next few days.
I love you all
Big Muwahs ..!!
Wanna come in my Friends? Join me and find a way to heaven.. khekhe

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