Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You know Who Cares?

who cares when you are not happy?
who cares when you are crying secretly?
who cares when you are thinking too much?
who cares when you are nowhere?
who cares when you are heart broken?
who cares when you are regretting for something?
who cares when you are repenting for something?
who cares when you are depressed or disappointed?
who cares when you are all alone???
No one but He...

No matter what's your religion, He's always there for you when you call Him [Image Source: Google]
One who's far above the sky but then near to your own jugular vein. The only one .. & all you need to find Him.. 
The song I was listening is inspiration for these line. Listen Here. For those who don't understand Urdu or Hindi, English lyrics of this song.. 

If the destinations get hazy,
lower your sight for a moment,

wherever your head bows down,
there only the way to God is found,
You Change your luck
Be strong, just start moving,
My footprints are your companion
and You don't know God is nearby..

Jus open your Heart window and find Him next to you, cry in front of him and He is the Best Friend; who will keep our secrets to Him. 
I love you God for everything.. !! Make me more strong please.

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