Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You can make me Smile & Cry !!!

She laughs on his every silly joke, mistake, they are so cute together, she heard the same line thousands of times on different places from different people. She knows that he loves to see her laugh; he never misses a chance to make her smile, he loves her a lot and ready to give her all. She knows that he is the one for whom she waited for long, she knows that he’s the one who was the prince on white horse her Prince Charming but secretly she knows that he got all the powers to give her tears too.

[Image Source: Tumblr]
The idea to love someone is always fascinating to me, but the other fact thing is the one who loves you, and makes you smile, always have a power to hurt and cry you. I so want to write the extreme of my imaginations, extreme of fantasy but I’m quite busy with my life these day, I don’t know why I’m not getting enough time even for my favorite hobby. 

I’ll come tomorrow for Friends Finding Friday. Join me and Share with your friends if you want a way to heaven, tehe. I heart my awesome readers. 

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