Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunshine after the Rain - Happy Mothers Day

[Image Source: Blazomania]

Your my sunshine after the Rain

your the cure against my fear and my pain

'cause i'm losing my mind when your not around
its all... its all because of you

[For My Mum, Mama, Mummy, Ammi]
[Lyrics: 98 Degree]

Image Source: Blazomania
I'm a bit late for a mother's day post actually, I'm quite sick these days and most importantly I was having good time with my mum and family. For me not only the first week of may, but everyday is Mother's day. My days and nights, my fears, pains, grieves, sorrows, my happiness, my worries, my secrets, every bit of my life is shared with my mum. I might be not a good daughter, and I know I'm not but she's definitely an awesome mother. She's the one who understands my unspoken words, I'm worst for the whole world and I'm the cutest for her. I love her. I love her when she's smiling and I love her the most when I'm the reason of that smile. The whole world is celebrating Mother's Day today, and so also me. 

I Love you Ammi .. I Love you for giving me all, for doing everything for my happiness and for Loving and making me. infinite Muwahs for you.. I Love you and I'll do it till my last breath, and you'll be always with me as a support wherever I live.. Plus plus, as I'm not your only kid, I'm writing on the behalf of my three monsters too. the cards are edited by my youngest monster, my handsome yew dude brother on his site Blazomania.

P.S. I found few posts where people were saying that their mum is not an ordinary and to be mixed up with others, so for them, the fact things is that every mum is special; your mom is the most special for you and mine for me .. 

ahh back to work [blogging] lol.. I'm ending the Everyday Blogging today after 9 weeks. It was for sure great fun and the great response I got from my readers and followers, It was awesome. But I'm quite busy these days plus I don't wanna type that particular everyday, I'm starting few new things on my blog which I'll post on random days, and yea for my blog friends, Friend Finding Fridays is still on. 

take a look for the new upcoming attractions on my blog..

and your very own, Friends Finding Friday.

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Wish me Luck. Loads of Love for all. Bigh Muwahs.

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