Thursday, May 5, 2011

Season is the Reason..

It rains out when it stops in.
The first rain on summers and it’s quite pleasant here. The fast blowing airs seems coming from heaven directly, and I’m waving with their moves, and dancing in the rain. This season is reason to be happy, to dance, to wave, to shout, to smile, to dream, to laugh, to enjoy and to love. I love the idea of sharing pictures of Rain today that are a total match with the reason of this season. Hope you will enjoy it. 

[Image Source: My Cam Clicks, Tumblr]
For me this week was the bestest week of my life, and so opposite for my blog’s life. I posted the lamest posts throughout the week and people kept on loving them. I’m so touched with the love everyone is giving me around. This Friday, some awesome people have joined me, they found a way to heaven in this heavenful season.I’m so grateful to everyone who made the everyday blogging so hit and making me to think new ideas. 

Othilia Wong

Rashmi Nair

Kelly Amareta



Real Lady

Jell Robante

apis sudaa

Like this season and its reasons? Tell me what’s rain to you? For me it’s the way to wash our sins and a God’s certificate that he’s showering his blessing on us.

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