Friday, May 13, 2011

Fairy Tales Do Come True.. !!!

Once upon a time...

and they lived happily ever after..
When I was a little girl I used to read fairy tales. In fairy tales a girl meet Prince Charming and he's everything she always wanted. He loves her, give her all, protect her make her smile and do everything for her. While growing up, my believe on fairy tales was not that firm as it was in my childhood, I have seen all type of people, the bad people, bad guys, witches and vamps of fairy tales. 
But then I found you, and I started again firmly believe on fairy tales

they say; even inside a cruel woman's heart, there lives an innocent girl, who dreams and waits for her Prince charming.

So I’m already late for Friday’s post. But it’s good to be late than sorry. Blogger was down for maintenance and so I was due to heavy workload and some personal issues. I’m back if blogger allow me to post frequently. I missed my blogger, blog, blogging and my awesome people who reads me. I love you all, big love and muwahs.

This Friday, I have some awesome people who found a way to heaven, I love to see them on my blog, my Friends for this Friday. They are all awesome, please do visit and follow them. So they are:
dream world
Jonathan Gotengco
Syed Jaleel Hussain Sherazi

 Like this? Tell me how's blogging and everything? and Do you believe on fairy tales? Do you believe that a pair of shoe can change whole luck???
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