Monday, May 23, 2011

Dreams can Never Die..

If i wouldn't be there to fulfill my dreams, I know you would b there to watch mine from your eyes. Image Source: Tumblr
Dreams can never die. Dreams can never die
Dreams are not heartbeat, vision or feelings which will die when you stop breathing or are they? Even when somebody break them up, they tear into small pieces and these small pieces are other meaningful dreams too. They are light in darkness, the source to think more, the way to wish more, the course to follow to get the success, the long road which never finds an end, the not sellable but more expensive asset yet. Dreams can come true and only true dreams never have fear to lose, they are unbeatable and they can never die... 

Dreams can never die but they are transferable and convertible energy ... 

I strongly believe in don't let your dream a dream only, give it a life and never let them go away... Follow and stand for them and they will do same for you...

I never let any of my dream go.. Do you?

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Life out of my window is beautiful and full of dreams..

Grab my badge and hold my hand to dream high and dream more, 'cause dream can never die.

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