Thursday, April 21, 2011

You are Godsend ..

We are all blessed by thousands of blessings; all we lack is an eye to see them. I always complain about my things; forgetting there are many people who are waiting for basic necessities of life. This Friday, I'm listing the few Godsends, I know there are infinite and I can't even imagine of typing all in one post, so very few I'm putting here, are:

Opportunity -to experience more.
Curiosity -to learn more.
Sunshine and Rains
Relationship with God
 Power of Imagination and Dreaming
For me, you are Godsend, a big blessing.

Fridays are always exciting and full of joy for me, ‘cause weekends are waiting ahead after them, and now I started loving Fridays more than anything ‘cause my weeks are getting tougher with every passing day. I complain a lot about busy weeks but I love being busy and stay out of my idiotic mind’s production. I love blogging but this is now getting on my nerves, one post per day ehh .. but this is a challenge and I love taking challenges. Like these days I challenged me [shhh to someone else] to learn a new technology in a week, I already wasted 4 days today but I’m so sure that I can and I will. Additionally; I love love love seeing your comments, share, tweets and hits on my blog. I’m too lazy and busy to reply you back for your comments this weekend.

Like every Friday, I have some awesome people on my blog. Guys please do visit them and follow them. And for my Friday’s Friends, I love you all, you people found a way to heaven. Big muwahs.
jenny grouse

Laptop Guru
Lorraine Grech
L.A. Sherman

So tell me what’s your godsend list? Plus do you like accepting challenges?
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