Sunday, April 17, 2011

we do not remember Days; we remember Moments..

We do not remember days; we remember moments.  [Cesare Pavese]
Not all of course, but many is still refresh in my mind. My life journey which I started with My parents and then we added two sisters [Mick and Merry] and a brother [Ali]. Being eldest kid in the family, I collected most of the love from all. I remember the fun We had being kids with our parents. A Life at home, school, playground, granny’s home, amusement parks, everywhere.

 I have loads of pictures, all old analog Cam pictures, I scanned few sometime back, I know they are a old and looks quite funny to the viewer, but these are the best memories I have with my family and I’ll keep it with them forever Insha’Allah. I don’t feel like typing on my childhood moments, these pictures will tell themselves. I'm sure that it's the most beautiful season of my life I ever shared.

this memory is the most Memorrable thing to share this Monday. I miss my Moments a lot and this is jus a statement, I can’t explain “The How” here. I want to pay anything to get that time back. I so love my family and Four in my Family
so How much you miss your childhood and Old Moments??

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