Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stand for your Dreams and one day they will stand for You!!

Turn small dreams to big realities. [Source: tumblr]
There are loads of questions about our wishes and dreams daily come in our minds, I have a list of dreams and everyday wishes, but what are they exactly? Should I give up or keep on chasing them? What I’ll get out of life if I never found what I really dreamed and wished for? What will be the outcome of the dreams I’m struggling for?

I strongly believe that not these dreams exactly, but the thousands of self made assumptions and the questions we keep on asking ourselves tired us up. Dreams are the hope to move on in life, dreams are the beam of light in dark endless seashore. Dreams are like stars, far above our heads but if you struggle for them, we are always able to touch them. Dreams are the ways to follow that lead us to the correct path through our destiny. Dreams are the best support when your own shadow is not with you. Dreams are the idea of live a life.

All we need to struggle a bit for our dream and nothing is impossible to achieve. If we never chase our dream, we’ll never be able to catch them up. So the last advice is
Dream bigh, Stand for your Dreams and one day they will stand for you.

Stars are not the limit [Source: tumblr]

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