Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Opps I clicked the --Block Button ..

and you know what's the most annoying thing anyone can give you.. umm i.e. keep on arguing or asking or faking; when you don't wanna continue. and then at a point; you got so pissed that you mute them. 

Jus Shut up you ******* , go to hell. I'm not saying anything 'cause I don't wanna get Rude and you are dragging it on other way. Aren't you blessed with a brain to get message outa my convo. You dumb ******!!

And then at same point you are like .. Opps sorry !! I'm done with your lameness and fakeness and cheapness. lol 

Blocked.. !!! -the limit of my patience exceed. 
I jus wonder how people tolerate it.. at least for me, after a point I can't take it all, specially when someone is trying to get into my personal stuff and started faking with care and being sweet. And also when someone asking me my reasons, I'M NOT ANSWERABLE TO YOU **********.

by the way, Sometime back somebody was telling me that it's so easy for me to decide and delete and block and mute to the other one. Maybe .. 

ohh my !!! 
Godd...!! why did you place a stone instead of a heart in me lol.. 

P.S Today I'm back to home early and my blank mind is thinking that I'm so mean and people imprecate me a lot that I'm sick !! not that sick lol; I'm feverish and sick lol .. think I should be sorry for what they'd done with me? lol 

Me and Sorry.. !!! huh !!! Forgive me .. this is my fever talking.. :! Bless you If you are reading.. lol

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