Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Is this the way Out???

Is it the way out? 

Sometimes She feels so tired of life but the other time She thinks about the people around her who needs her and she means LIFE for them. and she thinks, If she ends it all, would she be satisfied even after first half???

This Image I found randomly on Google. It was so wicked that I saved it to share on Wicked Wednesday.. I think when your wait becomes unlimited, the things look like static on their location, your hopes get fade and you feel no way out.. It seems to be the way out.. !!!
The easiest escape of life is death.. but is it really end?? Is it the real way out??
What do you think about this picture?? the way out or another hell??
Somebody told me "Life is Full of Life" Agreed?

Enjoy life, it worth it.. Smiles.. Love.. Hugs and big mwahs... 

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