Monday, April 4, 2011

Dear Annoying Stalker..

My dear Stalker;
It was my twitter timeline, It was my facebook profile, It was my status message and it was my blog, and you are spending more time than me there. Fair???

I see people reading whole comment thread on facebook and like friend of friend's comments. 
I see people reading twitter timelines from start to end and wait to load it to read till end. 

You there's something called PERSONAL SPACE, to care about a nobody is SWEET for sometime, but don't try to be over smart, over sweet 'cause no one wants to be diabetic.
I hate the Satellite in space around me.. and at least I have enough shields to stop the signals from the satellite and destroy it with my special powers.

So the guy on twitter, the girl on facebook and the jealous on blogger..!!
If you want to be around me; be in your limits.
Don't try to be satellite in my space, 'cause it's mine. and I'm very possessive about it. 

this post is dedicated to all satellites who are trying to fly in my space. 
So you have mind to find the difference between sarcasm and smile?
Care is good but faking it becomes Obvious.. 

With Kind Regards;
The One who's Pissed 'cause of you and will chop you.. 

Updated: If I'm not saying anything, doesn't mean I'm enjoying it. It means I'm avoiding to reach it on my threshold.
This is NOT for someone who's reading with a mind that it was for me.

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