Sunday, April 10, 2011

And it Started with a Facebook Friend Request.

They were having normal life before having a Facebook account. Some day some of her friend suggested having one Facebook account and she signed up for that, putting up a picture of her favorite but no so famous drama actress. There some of his cousin created his account and brought him to the world of addiction. The world of addiction started casting its spell on them and soon they became big addicts. 

Facebook Logo [Google Images]

Sooner he started
feeling so lonely on Facebook with 198 Friends and Family Members, and planned
to start searching the True Friend campaign, and with this idea brought him
adding Friends randomly.

The idea of “Do you wanna friendship with me?” changed
to a
“Facebook Friend Request”. S
he was one of them
all who were added by him randomly ‘because her
“Relationship Status” indicated
“Single- Looking for a man”. Started with “Momma said don’t talk to
to “I think I should consider you.”

And then curiosity made
them started peeping through each other’s
“Wall”. Finding what’s cooking in the
other’s lives, with so many
“Common Interests”, they started Liking” and  “Poking” to each other.

There found some
“Mutual Friends” too who helped them to make their bond stronger by sharing “Links”.
They daily added some Photo and 
“Tag” on face, making it “Private” with “Family” and
available to
“Facebook Friend”. Setting the “Statuses” for each other, they “Comment”
on their
“Recent News” and moved to “Chatting” window. When one was not “Available”
on chat, they kept on sending
“Messages” to each other. All “Activities” made
them fall in love, kept on
“Sharing” things they changed their “Relationship
to  “In a Relationship”.

The “Friend of Friend”
was pretty too who were commenting on her statuses and the guy added as his
looked richer. Facebook
“Alerts” and “Notification” told the whole “Story” of
adding “New Friend”. To end all Facebook drama they stared
“Playing Games”
each other. Now they have deleted each other and appear in
“People you may know”.

Facebook Home Page with, Friend Request, Message, Comments, Likes, Shares, Notifications & People you may know.

Sitting in the office
and keep on thinking the logics of codes, hitting the keys of keyboard so hard
that it seems like you are killing the one for whom you were typing. Very much
frustrated with work tension, the only thing that can take you out of the
situation is Facebook or Blogging. Blogging is kind of another mind consuming
job but Facebooking is always the easiest way out. Not jus me but I think every
other one thinks that Facebooking is an essential part while working and
keeping you alive during breaks. 
I admit even I’d a
great fun on Facebook, but now I’m so bored with it.

So are you addicted to
Facebook? Do you have something to share on it? 

Come’ on no lies...!!

plus this is an old Video on youtube, 25 things I hate about Facebook, enjoy.

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