Thursday, April 14, 2011

a Moment that’ was Jus Here

Whenever I think about past and try to think about the things and moments which I don't own anymore, I always find a list which if I lose one time, I can't find the second one, and nothing in this world that can replace them. I have a list of some awesome things which can happen once and never comes up with same shape again.

A Lost Love
A True Friend
The First Drop of Rain
A Book's which I jus finished
The Warm Bed in winters
A Moment that’ was Jus Here
A  Childhood Tree That's Cut Down
A Baby's Chuckle
The Excitement of Sixteen
The Parent’s Love
A Relaxed Sleep
Charm of being in Love
A Walk Holding Hands

For one moment you were here, For the other you are not and I miss being with you. 
Fridays are my favorite days always, as they are weekends and the day on which I can find some awesome people on my blog world. So all awesome humans; who found a way to heaven by following me and dropping their links. These awesome people are coming up with some awesome blogs, here are they...Must visit and follow blogs.

Sneha Christall





Vimal Tandel




jorge usán

rue du tabac



Dr Raph Azrin



You people are so amazing and I love you all, big hugs and big mwahs. 

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This Friday is even more special one for me 'cause I have some awesome people back in my life; those who always made me smile and I love them being around me forever. 

Ok tell me one thing, Am I the only one who desperately wants to have a weekend for 6 days a week?
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