Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Magic Lamp 'cause my Wishes will never End..

Did you ever bother to make a wishlist? to prioritize things you want in life? Well I desperately wanted to make a wishlist on my blog and I never got a chance to, but today, thanks to this Friday Post, Here is my wishlist. I need them all now. 

A Wedding Gown -And of course getting Married.
My own Home -A place of Love and Dreams.
My own Car -to Escape sometime from Routine.

My Kids -I want my Childhood back.

Beauty Queen -I'm Beautiful.

Pets -to Love the 4th one in Family.

Expert Cook -He would Love it.

Memories -To hold the best time with my Family Forever.

A Magic Lamp -this will Never End.

Sometimes you have to try for things, sometimes things get so easy for you. I strongly believe that God appears when we Stop hoping and having faith. The message on this Friday is same, even you are desperate about something and having no hope to solve it out, keep your hope alive and keep having faith on God. 

I think I should stop being Socrate and mention the people who found a way for heaven this week. My Friends on this Friday of course and they are:
I Love you guys for your great support in my everyday blogging, I wonder every week that so many people join me and so many people love me when even they know that I can't return their love. Love your support so much. Big Mwahs .. 
P.S some people never hide their links in their google profiles, sometimes they make their profiles private. Guys it's tough for me. I'm so sorry for any broken or missing link, but I couldn't find that exact one even by googling.
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So whats your wish-list?

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