Friday, April 22, 2011

10, 9, 8 … and this is She..

People make it so complicated and I'm again coming up with same statement that a girl is not a rubik cube, she's as simple as the following rules are. and before reading them, it's not my creation, but yea I edited them a bit. They were found on some viral picture over the internet. Enjoy.

10. She laughs harder when she tries to explain why she is laughing.

9. She tries to cook, from maggi to a head.

8. She lies a lot to hide her pains.

7. She cries for silly reasons all time.

6. She is not so strong as her smile seems to be ..

5. She gets attached to people who care even a little about her.

4. A broken nail scares her as much as a broken heart pain.

3. She says it's a Long story when it's actually not, and then she makes it long..

2. She falls in Love too easily and too fast and regrets later.

1. She takes time to move on but once she realizes it's time to move on, she never look back.

I was not feeling good with all what I'm watching and getting around, I so need a break. How about leaving blogging for some undefined time? I'm seriously thinking about it and I have jus another day to decide, they made me so confident about my decisions now, I can do  anything big now. so I'll come up with The Big Sunday Decision .. !! 

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