Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You have to Deal with them...!!

Everywhere in school/college/university/family/work-place/friends, you have to Deal with them. Some are real cute, and some are super offensive.

Miss Popular
The one who’s popular in every gathering, everywhere. You jus need to name some of her qualities and everyone will tell you exact bio.
You know pink hot girl there?


Mr. Perfect

The guy who’s so perfect in everything, his dressing, qualifications, handsomeness, intelligence. He’s the mixture of all super characters.
I’m superman, Spiderman… ummm

A Bookworm
One who’s nerd, everyone talks to him only if they want some bookish knowledge.
Hey I just solved 12th grade integration problems in 3 minutes.

Mother Tarrasa
The one who wants to help everyone else and cry at the end when he left alone.
Hey let me…

The one who never told her secrets ‘cause she thinks they would spell their cast on her.
O My God ! Black Cat

The one who cheats a lot, in tests, in exams, everywhere in life.
Hey Dude! I left this chapter, and I’m sure you will help me.

Exam Friend
The one who’s friend with you in exams day.
Assignment Friends Ehh

Mr. Rude
The rude dude.

Mr. Flirt
The one who adopts flirting as a profession.
I’m free tonight, dinner out?

Ms. Every guy’s girl
A girl who’s with every guy and goes with the unknown one at the end.
I love him and him and him and him.

A Cooking TV Fan
The one who can cook everything, even heads. Who cooks and uploads pictures over the internet, who knows they are from Masala TV or BBC Food.
Hey did you try the pizza I baked yesterday?
Oh I thought it was garbage in the kitchen.

An Excited
The one who’s super excited about every mission there.
Going to Bermuda, WOW

A Twilight Fan
I’m still confuse I love Edward more or Jacob.

A StarPlus Fan
The one who’s too much into TV dramas.
Hey did you watch yesterday’s episode of “Kyukay saas b kabhi bahu the.”

Super Silent

Peace Maker
I think I should join “Aman ki Aasha”

Good for Nothing
The one who’s good for nothing but jus eating on others expense obviously.

Fashion Freak
Check New Catchy Pony Jeans Headbands
Ftw what are they?

Love Birds
The couple who’s always busy.
Don’t Disturb

I’m Google
The new Iphone4. Ipad2, HTC, .Net 4, New trends in marketing, I know everythin. I’m Google.

A Show off
My dad brought this one from Paris.
Oh I have seen it in local market.

A Funny Laughter

Internet Freak
Msn, yahoo, google, facebook ..
I have a name but no password.

Lame Jokes
Hey Dude, I love Justin Biber

Super Despo


A Group of BFF
A bunch of people who never let you enter in their circle.
The Group of Four

A Super Hyper
You ate my cookie grrr!!

Super Pakao
AA Hey!!
I'm Away

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