Tuesday, March 8, 2011

White Bride..

It was my big day.
Everything was beautiful there, the flower arrangement was so perfect there, the decoration was so awesome, and the wedding hall was marvelous. Music arrangements were wonderful too. An old man was sitting on piano, the other was playing orchestra, a young couple was singing with their melodious voice.

My splendid dressing, my white gown, my white veil touching the floor, the flower I was going to hold were so fresh and red; and everyone told me that I was looking gorgeous.

My family was so happy, but my parents and sister were a bit upset ‘cause I had to leave them and moved to South. My mum was sitting next to me, and staring at me continuously, My dad was managing things there and My sister was kept on telling me about the arrivals of relatives and the fun what crowd were making there.

And then the moment came, he came on white horse for me. Everyone was shouting and singing with joy. I leaded to the church with holding arms of my father; my mother and sister were walking next to me. Crowd was throwing flowers on us and everything was seemed like a dream.

We took the oath to live together, forever and then he kissed me slightly. I was feeling in air, I never felt that different and important ever before in my life. And then he held me hand, I felt so cold inside and we were going out. The crowd was still singing.

while leaving, I felt dad's tears on my hand and I heard my mum’s saying.
Rest in Peace my White Bride.

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Picture Courtesy: Pink Images

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