Saturday, March 19, 2011

We are Family..

Picture Courtesy: Kelvin [Thank you]
We can pick our friends, but can't our family. Some relations are God gifted and some are Godsend. The God's gift live in a my house, the heaven in the heartless world.

God couldn't be everywhere with me thats why He created my mum. She's created with some super powers to take care of whole family. She cooks for me, cleans for me, take care or everything of me. I can share all with her, a mum is more than a close friend. The one who loves me more than anything, She smiles with me, she cries with me. I love the way she understands me without I say it, the way she forgives me, the way she do everything for me. An ordinary woman on which we have nothing to write much or maybe 'cause our words can never describe the care and love, she gives us. 

My Dad didn't told me how to live, but he lived and taught me all. They say he's a truly rich man and we ran to him even when his arms are empty.His presence is a security for me.I love this man having four eyes and two are on his back.One greatest thing a father can do for his children, that's to love their mother and I adore my father for doing that.
The greatest gift you ever had...Came from God; We call him Dad!
And when you are out of friends, you have  no one to tell all, you have them. I love them for staying with me in all my goods and bads. I can share my everyday stories, my fashion ideas, my small moments of happiness and grieves, my new dress lines, my make up, my jewelery, my everything. We fight every minute and be friends other. We adore each other and we will be tied in same knot till death.

The angry young man, defiantly suits on him. the one who loves you in his own strange way, he never shows up, but I know he do. My super hero. The one who shared his childhood memory with me while growing up. The strongest friend given by God and I love him for this.

What were small moments yesterday, became the precious memories for today.  but still this Family has some delicate threads which ties us where ever we roam in the world.
Don't care about the how poor a man is, if he have a family, he's Rich.
P.S. The "Four Pieces" I'll for sure share on my blog but not under super Saturday, It's not as boring as our Saturdays are.

P.S.S. Do you love your family? I loveeee mine.. <3

This Super Saturday is dedicated to our heavens, our families.

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