Friday, March 25, 2011

Wanna Know Her More?

And you think you know her? I'm sure you often misunderstood her, its a girl's life and only she or the other she knows exactly what she meant by her words exactly. In this post there is the list of top words/phrases she often speaks.


This Thanks can come with different meanings, Thanks, Thank you, Thank you so much is polite and should be answered as "You are Welcome" but "Thanks a lot" is totally sarcasm. Be Careful..

When you made her day worse than worst and she don't wanna talk anymore and want sometime to jus be with her all alone; she replies a "K". Leave her Alone.

When a girl give a shit about your statement and don't care what you are speaking, she says "Whatever (F** off and get lost)". Stop Spoiling her Mood more.

When she knows that you are lying to her and she's in mood to fight a lot, she starts with "Fine". Make her Smile by anyhow.

Five Minutes More
This one is my favorite, no need to explain it even but for formality; a girl never satisfy how she looks like, She'll ask you 100s of times that "How I'm looking" and when you tell her that she's looking fabulous, fantastic, the only being, she would stare you and would say "Stop Kidding Me, and jus gimme Five More Minutes". Let her get ready and Satisfy.

And this is again a pissed answer, When you are late or forget something and make her super unhappy, and then come up with an innocent face; asking her what happened. And specially when she knows that you know all. The only thing can she tell you in answer "Nothing".  Tickle her and make her to speak up.

No Problem
When a girl is saying No Problem, trust me she's very unhappy whatever you did and jus wanted you to apology and promise that you'll never repeat it again. Admit your Mistake and Say a Sorry.

Don't Worry 
Now this is a bit complicated, If she's saying "Don't Worry, I'll manage" it means she's the one who cares a lot about your things, and if she's saying "Don't Worry, I can manage", it means that she was expecting you to be with her and she's pissed 'cause you are again spoiling her plan. Give her your Time and Support.

When she's Super Pissed on something, and wants you to know that she's done with whatever you are telling her, she knows better and she knows truth. Stop Irritating her.

This is her favorite word, girls are mean to be cared and pampered, and when she don't get what she's expecting she Sighs and Sigh a lot. Give her a big hug.
But the most dangerous case is when she's not speaking at all. 
This Girl is the stupid most creature, you play with her, spoil her, hurt her by every possible mean, mess with her life; She'll let you know how mean and rude she is, and jus say three magical words again and she'll return the double love, even knowing most of the time that what you were doing with her and how mean you are even now.

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