Thursday, March 17, 2011

Things I learned from Growing up

There are things which no one told me but I learn myself with growing up, I realized that time is the greatest teacher and will teach you all when you open your eyes and start moving in life.

I look perfect the way I'm 

I can survive without anything but shopping, chocolates, blog, internet, my family and Pink 

My Mother is the smartest woman on the earth

Every day is worth living 

My Dreams will never end

Love worth more than money 

All I need jus one person in whole crowd

Be comfortable with yourself. Don't give a DAMN about what others think. Just be YOU.

Dear & Darling Followers, Readers and Anonymous!!
Thank you for be with me from 2 to 200 (for those who are not my follower, be a lil bit embarrassed, follow me and get a way to heaven.. jk) This is a small victory for a girl who thought a blog was a small log in the backwoods somewhere, just a few short months ago.
I so wants to thank you all to be there with me, stay with me when I laugh or cry or get mad here (I know it was your responsibility  :P ahh I’m jus saying).. umm ummm .. Last Friday and last week I got almost 25 new people on blogsville. I’ll name them all in My Friend Finding Friday mission and before I start it all. Vows you all my Followers, my Readers and my Anonymous..

big big muwahs for you. 




Gagan Masoun

I'm sorry if I missed someone or place a wrong link or couldn't find any links. So do you wanna count you in next Friday? Join me this week, Leave your links in comments of this post, be friend with me and count you in next Friday. Have Fun.

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So what you learned while growing up?

P.S. Do you want to go to heaven?? Leave your comments & follow me.. jk :P

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