Sunday, March 27, 2011

the Promise she couldn't keep.. !!

While sitting on the sea shore, she was so drown in the vast sea of her past memories. Her long brown braid was touching the sand there. Children were playing around and she was unaware of the activities occurring on her surroundings. A young girl, with two brown braids, was there with her friends, they sat next to her with a doll and started playing with that. She was no more ignorant and started observing and relating her past with them. The girls started making sand’s castle, giggling with her friends, playing with each other. She never knew that which moment the girls left, and the young girl forgot her doll there and she found that. 

And very that moment, the tall and intelligent girl with a braid became a young small girl again with two braids and a doll in hand. The doll was reminding her the Promise She couldn't keep, Her Childhood... 
Do you miss your childhood.?? What thing relates you with your past memories?

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