Thursday, March 24, 2011

Money can't Buy You..

And you know what.. 

If you want to feel Rich, count the things which money can't buy.
and again there's a Friday here and We are on Friend Finding Spree.  But first things We can't buy with money.

A Sound Sleep
Fairy tale Happiness
True Love
Your Childhood Back
Honest Friends
A Lost Dream
A Lost Love
A Reason to Smile
The One who's Gone Forever
Good Old Days
The Time We had.. 

Money Can't buy you 

When I was a young child I always think to have loads of money to be happy and Trust you me, Now today I know what's so awesome to have..  not that money but the idea that there are many people around me who are ready to love me and send their love to me. who really wants to read  me and who are getting inspiration from me. Though there's one big negative thought remain with me all time, so linked up with my CLOSE FRIENDS but if I ignore that one, I'm the happiest person alive on the planet earth. though I have enough of money now but I can be happy even without money 'cause I have my parents, my family and my true friends are there always for me, with me.
I Love to have you all.. A Big Muwah for you.. 

The popular most day on my blog is Friday, when I Find some Friends. and trust me till now I found awesome people on blogger. For today: 

I'm so sorry for those who have broken links, or the links I couldn't find. Big apology to My Networked Blog Followers, I'll for sure mention all next Friday. For all those who didn't join me yet

Join me and get a way to Heaven .. lol ... Leave your comment and a Facebook Like, to let me know that you were there. Want to be next? Leave your links.. Smiles 
P.S I loved so many likes in my last few posts. 

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