Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lets keep your Hope Alive ..

Everything is in my sight
All the day n all the night

It was a mistake; I know
Show me slight the beam of light

Lets make it happen not again
All the thing what wasn't right

May be it'll heal all so soon
A night'll b again bright
And May be I feel all right.. 

This is again a lazy Sunday, all day on bed and this Sunday the biggest Secret or my confession may be is of this week .. Umm I hate to text, to check my messages or to reply them, unless I have nothing better to do. I'm continuously ignoring the texts from last three weeks and not replying to anyone. ahh I'm so lazy and specially when they are forward messages. 

and I know there would be minimum four people who are reading and I never replied to them and they cursed me a lot. I'm sorry.. I jus hate texting till death, specially when people are sending me forward messages. 

Don't kill me, I'm confessing myself. 
ok what's your secret or confession this week?

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