Thursday, March 10, 2011

Keyboard Hits or Mouse Clicks.. ??

Ahhhh the most waiting day of the week is here, and I'm almost dead and tired waiting for it. I know Friday is the most pleasing day for those who work out and most depressing those who lives in. This week was good and I'm sure the weekend would be more. 
My blog is a bit better this week, 'cause I'm typing too much in posting window. I've so many new people around me. Weekdays are exciting when you have some activity like this with you all time.

From this Friday, lets celebrate THE FRIDAY with a new way, lets have some new friends, and bug some old ones. Umm as this is First Friday for Finding Friends, I want you to post your links in this post, so I can mention them to next Friday.

Lets mention my sugar pies, blogger friends of this Friday
Mehreen [An inspiration]

Carmen [The companion in my Shouts]

Kelvin [My favorite crayon artist]

Yushh [New in blogging, <3]

Mieta Ambarwaty [A small sis, sorry I lost your link]

Grab this badge if you want to start a Friend Finding Friday on your blog and drop you link.

I'm sure you would love to drop here this time. 

I'm sick of the continuous noise with these keyboard hits and mouse clicks at my work place.. 
tick tick click click
tick click tick click
click tick click tick 
click click tick tick
I use keyboard more than mouse, what's your choice? 

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