Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's in my Hand.

I strongly believe that it's our own acts which brings things and circumstances in our lives or maybe our efforts and destiny, fate and luck adds in it. Before we born, there are two tracks set for us, if we follow one, our destiny will act like the flow one and if we follow second the destiny will go the other way. Everything is for sure decided before we are sent here but all depends on our efforts and mistakes we made while taking decision in lives.

This week I was wandering over the internet and found a "What your hand is saying about your destiny" quiz site. It was an online palm reading, all about knowing yourself. and then suggesting What's your fate and what's your destiny. The results were amazingly matching with my personality. For the double check I choose wrong answers for the second time and the results were not matching with my things. Anyways here are what this site was telling about me. I'm putting as the biggest secrets of my life in Secret of Sunday.

You have a Fire. You have the instinctive hand. You are creative and imaginative. You surround yourself with people, more comfortable in groups than alone. You are generally unafraid to take risks. You launch yourself enthusiastically into all your endeavors, driven by your passionate nature. You have a very unadaptable nature. Your inflexibility has left you with few life path options. You have to work harder than most to adjust to new situations. You have difficulty dealing with change, and you are fairly set in your ways. You are an active, healthy person with a positive view on life. You have an upbeat and confident personality that carries you through all your dealings. You are in relatively good health and generally live your life joyfully and in high spirits. You can be unpredictable.  Most of the time, you are methodically minded, but occasionally you will make decisions based solely upon emotion and passion. You are a straight forward person. You prefer life to be uncomplicated and focused. You don't stress out too much but worry about little things.

You are strong willed without necessarily being stubborn. You are a well adjusted individual, balanced in your thinking between logic and emotion. You have an inflexible nature. You have a tendency to be very firm and uncompromising. It's generally your way or the highway. You are a practical and realistic person. You possess the well respected and highly sought after qualities of loyalty and dependability. You are typically cautious and thoughtful, rather than impulsive in your actions. You think through the consequences before making a move. It would benefit you to occasionally go with your gut instinct instead and step a bit out of your comfort zone. Your ego is driven by your thoughtful and pensive nature. You tend to act more out of logic and reason than emotion in your dealings.

You have experienced major changes in your lifestyle, health or well being. These could be a change of business, relocation, a new business or career, or a marriage. You possess a strong vitality. You are a vibrant, energetic person. You will live a full, eventful life. You have a high likelihood of success and wealth.You are quite independent with a strong need for freedom and flexibility. You may be impulsive. You are full of energy, and you are confident in your abilities. You can stand on your own, self-sustaining. You actively seek travel, adventure and new experiences. You have a decision to make. You may be pondering a relocation, a new career or a new relationship. You have periods of divided Life energy. They can be caused by sickness or poor health. They can also caused by phases of unhappiness due to difficulties in your relationship, career, or personal life. The lines across your Life Line are your lines of influence. They show the people and the experiences that have influenced your life. These include good and bad experiences.

You have strong mental energy. You have a strong intellect. You are an intense and rational thinker. You are a clever person with a well organized thought process. You have a very positive outlook on life. You are a very logical thinker and a curious person. You are aware of your surroundings and are quite perceptive. You grasp concepts well. You are a highly detail oriented person. You need to be aware of your tendency to go off on tangents, losing your original train of thought. You are most likely thrifty and materialistic. You are practical in all things. You may even over-analyze and entirely forgo emotional considerations when making decisions. You are set in your ways. You may have difficulty finishing projects. You may be argumentative and stubborn. You are a late bloomer. You are very independent. You  care little about what others think of you, forging your own unconstrained path in this world. You have had times of mental confusion and uncertainty in your mental energy. The Islands in your Head Line show divisions in your mental energy. These could be physical or mental. The lines on your Head Lines indicate outside influence. They can be caused by mental blocks, stress or worry. You may have difficulty with concentration.

You have strong emotional energy. You wear your heart on your sleeve. You seek romance and grand gestures in your relationships. You are emotionally mature. You prefer relationships to the single life. Romance doesn't necessarily come naturally to you, but you put forth the effort in relationships. You need to work to keep your relationships fresh. You need to be careful to pay attention to your emotions and not keep them bottled up inside. The upward curving Heart Line showing a tendency toward high femininity. You have had a normal, healthy emotional development from a young age. You are a well balanced individual in your relationships, capable of accepting love and expressing and demonstrating your emotions. You are an emotionally intense person. Love and deep involvement are important to you. You are naturally flirtatious and like to playfully tease others. The islands on your Heart Line are a mark of emotional insecurities. You are easily influenced by others on an emotional level. You wear your heart on your sleeve. You fall in love easily and most likely have had your heart broken many times.

ahh and they told where my destiny will bring me, and I'm skipping that part.. I'm lol-ing on certain clauses but mostly they are 100% right, wanna try to know about you? Go Here.

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