Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm sure you are Happy from the End

She was an ordinary girl who heard the fairy tales, Cinderella, Snow-white and started thinking herself the Princess, the Princess of a fairy tale. She started thinking her beautiful and stopped caring about the real life witches and bitches. She started thinking that there's a prince living for her who would come one day and even if these witches and bitches would dig a hell for her, he would save her and take her away from this cruel world.

One day a witch came to her town and gave her a poisonous apple to eat, she knew it that it was poisonous, she knew it she would fall a sleep and couldn't wake her up till she was touched by a prince charming but she never knew it that there's no Prince and this is not a fairy tale. She ate that poisonous apple and still sleeping in dark all alone and waiting for her Prince to come and wake her up.
I'm sure you are happy from the End.
I randomly found this picture on tumblr, and I found it so wicked. Agreed?

So Share your idea about my new version of fairy tale of this 21st century.. Likes?

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