Monday, March 7, 2011

hey there!!

i'm here to rant... rant like.. RANT big time! thanks aish for this wonderful opportunity. venting out is healthy, i said so!

have you known that really snobbish person at school/uni/work/anywhere who thinks he is better than everyone else? do you have someone around who gets on your nerves and gives opinions like the future of the world depends on it? then you've come to the right place, lovelies. 

hey all you snobbish people out there! there's a world beyond your big fat nose. it's really nice you have a talent with you to stick you while you brag, but seriously no one is really interested to know what your personal feats are. you have to learn to respect people and see them as capable of a little bit of something as well. im sure you must be pretty effed with the thought that this world can actually revolve whether you make it or not! i know, disappointments can be hard. 

try to practice a little self control on your never ending self love. i know LOVE IS BLIND and it really isn't your fault for being such a hottie. just cool it, will ya??

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