Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good in Good-Bye ..

Sometimes it’s not our choice to “Leave”, it is always a painful process. But we have to leave, not because we are selfish or mean but we know if we stick to “Stay”, things will go worst.

I strongly believe there is a “Hell” in a “Hello” and a “Good” in “Good-bye” and sooner or later we all HAVE TO leave and say a Good-bye even we have not decided it before or we have a place to go.

Everything what’s happening to us has some Strong, and a very Valid reason behind. All we need is to search for it.
Take a bye as a positive one, maybe it’ll open some new horizons for you.

Is “Good-byes” are good for you?
What’s your random Thought this Thursday?

P.S. I'm so happy today, I don't know why but I'm... Just feel like to share it. 

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