Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A New Day and a New Dream ..

I grew up listening sweet fairy tales, where Cinderella’s step mum and sisters are so cruel to her and she still finds a way to ball dance where she meets her Prince, and the Princess Snow White’s who has beauty on its limit and her step mum the Queen is jealous of her and send her to sleep and a prince touches her to wake her up sand Sleeping beauty who’s cursed by a Evil Fairy and into sleep with whole city and then all wake up with a touch of a Prince.

I’m always a big fan of fairy tales and a day dreamer and nothing can stop me dreaming yet, the hurdles in life not even the lame and fake people I have ever encounter. I never defined the limits of my dreams and I always believe on the thing that everything can tire you up but your dreams. But I was reading somewhere and it was saying...
Why did Cinderella have to run away when the clock stroke midnight? To remind us that everything has limitations even dreams.
So they are asking you to set limits to your dreams and your wishes? Can you control on your imagination and wishes? For me my dreams may be unrealistic and my life can be based on the world of fairy tales, maybe there’ll be no way to reach to my dreams ever, maybe there’ll be a time when I feel like to leave everything and give up but not till then my hope is alive, and my journey gets to an end and this will never happen until I stop dreaming and so I’ll never get tired or cut my dreams ‘cause my dreams can never tired me up.
So Ready for a New Dream for a New Day?
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