Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Life is not a Fairy Tale.. !!!

You want to hold things to you forever, you want nothing leave you never..
You want your good time to be with you forever.  But while creating your wishlists, you always forget one thing, that you were an ordinary human, you would not expect for miracles to happen.

I was a princess of my dreamworld, my dreamland.. Yes I was. I think it was a dream to own a dreamland even. Yes I'm up 'cause of a nightmare and don't wanna dream anymore, I'm not brave enough to encounter ANOTHER nightmare for me .. I'm no more a princess and I'm no more a Ruler on my dreamland.. It's difficult to get outa all fantasy but it's better to get real and play safe.

Month of Love and Roses is "ON" and I'm leaving my blogging for an unlimited time, I'll come back when I gotta good dream, a irresistible need to write for.

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