Tuesday, February 22, 2011

GET LOST YOU .. *****

We are all surrounded by *******, i mean LOSERS (polite ahh) .. !! ehh it's a relief when you make them same like they made you sometime.. Yea You feel Happy when you took a revenge .. I know it's bad, but If there's someone who always pissed you off .. and you are trying to save yourself from them..

and when they again & again coming to you .. and piss you off till death .. !! You are avoiding and they are still coming and finally you are like **GET LOSTT**

is it bad?
yea i know it's , but it's the best option..

oo i was working and that ***** distract me .. !!
sorry .. :p I'm so annoyed actually .. LOL ..
Back to work ..
Cheers .. !!!

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