Saturday, February 5, 2011

Four in a Family .. !!!

2000- It's Saturday night and three girls and a young boy are sitting together, watching Television, laughing over random things. Mum is staring on us and asking to stop giggling 'cause their  father is sleeping in next room. They are stopping this non-sense laughter and start again. While watching the idiotic show on Television, they are passing eatables to each other. Yes they are sharing a lot.

They are not bored with each other, but with this T.V show so instead of changing the channel, they started playing ludo.  ehh yes She's cheating throughout the game, and She's sure even these three as well. Mum is watching and smiling on them. And now she's going to sleep. They are not in mood to sleep tonight, after all it's weekend.

It's 2 A.M and they are done with ludo. Three are beating him up with pillows on cheating a lot and winning in three games. Now it's time to watch a movie.

She wants to play some light family movie and three are insisting to watch horror. She's yelling over them and finally going to watch a horror one with them. Keep on calling them mean. They are enjoying her expression on horror scenes than movie itself. She's laughing on all too.

It's 3:30 A.M, movie isn't over yet and they are feeling hungry. They are pausing the movie and going in kitchen all together. Frying potato fries and cooking some instant noodles and bringing it back to their living area. Now they are eating and watching movie again.

Finally movie is over and three of them laughing on her who was busy in texting instead of watching movie 'cause she's afraid of watching horror movies even with all family. It's 5:15 A.M and they are going to sleep now.

2011- It's again a Saturday night and she's sitting alone recalling time she had with them.  She completed all plans she made with them and she can't share her success with them now. She's lonely and they are busy. Her brother is going out with friends and sisters are busy in doing their stuff. She's missing them, and she's not sure this time if they are feeling same.

P.S. picture left to Right > (Maryam [Merry Jerry], Ali [baba], Me[Aish], Asma [Mick])

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