Sunday, February 6, 2011

and I killed her .. !!

I again found her sitting in the darkest corner, and jus for the curiosity i asked what she's doing there.
I'm lost ..
and when i insisted she told me whatever happened. I laughed on her throughout the story even when i knew she was hurt and crying. and when she stopped, the chewing the gum i asked her..
So you are done?
Yes .. We are. We were not meant for each other.

Haha .. I always laughed a lot when i pissed. and her hell crying all time made me annoyed this time. I looked at her asking that can I help her?

Jus tell him that I'm not that bad, jus I'm having bad time and people made it worst. and even you both didn't help me. I'm sorry for everything what I spoiled. But I myself isn't happy, i dreamed my life with him. I've my plans with him. I'm on the darkest end either I've to restart it now or end it.
Oh poor you. He didn't help you, but yes I can. I can kill you, rather I'm killing you. I'm f***ed up with your mourning and crying every time. You are dead, now go to hell..

It wasn't jus words i killed her. I'm sorry for killing her, she meant to love, she meant to care, she meant to pampered, she was the angel me.

But i was so pissed 'cause of her. I killed my innocence, i killed the loving and caring part in me, I killed the actual aish.. I killed the dreamer..


Yes I'm a killer ..

this song is dedicated to the killer .. 'cause I know her END ..

P.S. As the loser is dead, the Cruel Aish is starting a new series to trap people. LOL .. !!

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